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i've been gone for a while but still loving the comic
I can't wait for more battles, I've been working in a new photo editor it is called pixlr editor. it is the BEST I made a fire effect similar to yours. CAN"T WAIT FOR THE "MISSION" TO START!!!
I hope that the 0 people reading this understand
WAIT that is Gabriel isn't it because his gym sprite's overworld (If I'm right i'm really good at this) Because Silver only knows the one in them mask but he doesn't know him in that outfit... V WHEEL!!! (I wish that was an attraction at the real carnival
Hmm just realized I used a third gen sprite... I'll have to fix that next time
How do you like the effects they were made with Pixlr pro. I hope you can realize Raven is the one who was on the Chat and checking in with the others and two updates in one day? well i just am having fun with this and I REALLY wanted to start up the unown text. I would do foot print runes but I couldn't find an easy way to do that without it taking days.

Thanks for Checking out Blue's Destiny. Do you want to know what it is? Well stay tuned to find out!
@TheSilverLeague: Hm... Interesting and PLOT TWIST... Man those things are just huge
I really like the fire effect it looks AMAZING
Well Crystal if your OW okay then I guess nothing is hurting?
Well i honestly think the teleport effect could have been more concentrated to one person. Rather then a wide spread rainbow like that... But to no avail I still am updating this comic and loving the story I've come up with. Still wondering when someone will actually become a fan of this comic but I still will update it because it is fun
Was Kumai by any chance a part of team Reaction becasue I re read the comic and noticed the person in the hologram in chapter 4
I really love the comic And i have a question what program do you use to make the speech bubbles Semi Transparent
Oh poor Geodude but i guess he's on the rocks
If you wish the comic would continue please come to my comic because this one hasnt been updated for 1 year (not advertising but my comic isnt the ordinary either)
@hyperforce64: Your probably right about that too and theny i thought that was a spirit or something but YEAH i was DEFINATELY wrong
Gosh Short page this didn't even take 1 minute for me to read this. But i still enjoy looking at the backgrounds. OH... When will the title page come out because that should be soon because i worked with the program and figured out your Methods *Snickering*
@TheSilverLeague: Oh the Magic of teleportation. Yes I mean his soon to be Gardevoir
Well this page took a while but finally it is up and when I say teleportation I mean that Blue and Kaitlin teleport to the next part of the story because they need to be there...

The two of them are headed to Shadowark Market.
Where they might meet some interesting people some new and some old