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Napo, Unlaunched Cannon
Man I used to crave attention so much on here...

Avatar is blocky because I forgot how to Sonic.
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I still can't believe you actually did this.
@Napo, Unlaunched Cannon: Okay wow Nopa wasn't the only one who went insane.
I actually just started watching this recently. I got so into it that I finished the first three seasons within a few days. ^^; This is a really good one.
~All right let's do this from the beginning one last time.~
@Director: How do you back up your sprites and stuff? Do you put the files to an external area often? Are you prepared for the off chance that your computer suddenly never turns on again?
How much do you care for the balance among all of your powers and abilities?
If I only do introduction pages, then I will have no problem getting to 200 pages.

I won't do that, though.

@Syogren: I stole your mouths by the way.
Oh, I guess it's hard to see that it's a transformation. I try to make Ultra characters reflect the color of the Emerald they use. But since a blue character just used a blue Emerald... yeah, not my wisest decision.
If you have ever seen one of my old comics, Napo similarly uses a Super Emerald to become Ultra Napo. In the Archie comics, Sonic uses a Super Emerald to become Ultra Sonic. I consider the Ultra forms to be stronger than the Super forms. Despite this, I believe the Master Emerald itself is a stronger power source than the Super Emeralds, which are of course stronger than the Chaos Emeralds. So technically, since Super Mecha Sonic uses the Master Emerald, it's stronger than Ultra Mecha Sonic, despite what I just said about Ultra being stronger than Super.

So... yeah. Hyper Sonic is probably going to appear sooner or later. I might make the pages animated for that effect.
Hello once again, Smack Jeeves. I know I was off again. I have kept in touch with Syogren and Foxpuff but it looks like I must relearn key comic skills that I never had.
As for this comic, I don't plan to put Napo in, but I don't really have anything planned in the first place, so let's see how this goes.

If I can reach 200 pages (or finish a chapter for once), I'll be satisfied.
PM's don't work for some reason so I'll post this here... EVERYONE BUT MAD IGNORE THIS
Hey, Mad. Looks like we both sorta phased out of existence, huh? Anyway, I've been meditating on my own life, and I've realised that being on Smack Jeeves has contributed to my own development. Specifically, TDTA, or rather, at the time, WCDA. Not sure if you remember, but during my first few years here, I was... not very mature. In fact, I was outright stupid. I mean, well, I still have a [i]lot[/i] of room for growth, but the fact that I didn't know what words like "relevant" means, nor did I know what self-discipline... honestly, I have you to thank for allowing me to know how to wisen up. Thank you for calling me out when I was being off-topic and for almost banning me when I kept the html tag open... no joke, I needed that. All of it. So thank you.

I would tell DJ this too but I think I've bothered him enough with help with my gaming stuff. ^^;;

Anyway, I hope you're doing well, and I guess I'll maybe possibly see you around.
@Djoing: Oh whoops my bad I thought that you used PowerPoint for the 3D.
Do you still only use PowerPoint and Paint for your comics?