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Me: pale with freckles on my shoulders, strawberry blond hair, and grey-blue eyes
Likes: rainy and cloudy days, October, fall leaves, zip-up sweatshirts, Halloween, traveling
Dislikes: spiders, sunny days, the color yellow, getting my picture taken, driving
Hobbies: reading, drawing, sculpting, painting, listening to my headphones on car trips
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I like Ramona. She's cool.
Rude -_-
Yes evan, just come right in without being invited. Then just slump on the couch like YOU'RE the one having your comfort zone invaded. (and you haven't apologized yet for being rude and offensive. You could've at least brought a basket of apology steaks)
Personally, I think it would be the best thing ever. I wouldn't have to drive anymore! I could just fly ^_^
Lucky nuuuuuuuuuu~!
Whhhyyyyyy?!? TAT

(Can't they just snuggle and stop with the hitting?? :< )
Sooooooo no sexy-time's then? :<
Lucky, that's not important right now! What IS important is that Oliver is currently wet and naked. Focus on that. PLEASE.

lol ^_^
The flying carpet from Aladdin has more emotional range...(sorry Sten ^_^')
holy crap my sides! (poor aveline! can't catch a freaking break!! X'D )
vector, y u so cute? (seriously, everytime the man speaks all i hear is "cute, cutie-pie, i'm adorable, hug me". it's like what my cats can do with their eyes and a well-placed "mew")
I love seamus and ashaad so BAAADD!! romeo and juliet dragon age style! ( poor seamus. he just wanted to live among the topless ripped grey men. was that so much to ask? T^T )
i am so obsessed with malavai~<3 he must've been a chantry boy in another life, what with all his(super cute) stuttering and blushing ^_^
he should teach yoga :3 (except for the licking part. more than a little bit awkward that.)
ya know, this will probably sound insensitive to some people, but i think killing the executioner would be a mercy. He's a hulking murdering thing with no temper control, basically no memory of his life before, who is most likely in constant physical pain. It would also be better for Oliver in the long run. He could remember his brother for what he was, not what some sick sadistic bastard turned him into.
@zenat: do you know about humon on deviant art? she's always drawing art pertaining to Scandinavian lore. i think you'd be interested ^_^
this is freaky perfect timing. I JUST finished the Noveria mission ^_^
dear god, i'm having a moment over here! these two need to hug more often ^_^ (so cute!! <3 )
@Quadrant: your comment wins everything X3 (madame palm? -pffft-)
oh my god! that room in the last panel....i wanna live there X3
climb into the bed and make with the snuggling kaito~ ^_^