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Artist, musician, poet
@Missalice3: Thank you so much for your sympathies. It means a lot to us
that I drew this page but never uploaded it.
So you're probably mildly confused as to why the phone rings twice e _ e

I am so sorry.
Hope this strip clears it up.
@Missalice3: It's magical! <3
@Babe the Vaporeon: omg your comments I can't X'D
@Missalice3: You sum it up so beautifully
long time no update
If you read my comic journal, you'll remember what I did to myself last summer ( ).
funny story
I'm doing it this year too o u e
But today was last day of classes and all I have left is 3 more tests.
In the midst of finals
Will update more afterwards
@Missalice3: that would be a dream come true for him ;)
@Babe the Vaporeon: indeed, it is like the unicorn >:3
@Babe the Vaporeon: thank you so much!! you're so sweet :)

ah yes, life, we meet again >:T
sorry for lack of updates
I've been depressed for the past few months, but it really got to me last week
but I'm back on my feet thanks to a long, late-night talk with a close friend
so no worries :)
hopefully updates will be back to at least once a week
@Babe the Vaporeon: LOL don't worry! Momo has Leon's protection ;)
@LifeApathy: LOL don't be nervous ^_^ anything works!
looking forward to questionsss
@trrmanning172: ^_^ yay thanks and hope you continue to enjoy +3, -4

everyone needs a momo in their life. I need a momo in my life :P
@Babe the Vaporeon: aye, they be comin' down hard
@crossstitch: *eyebrow wiggling intensifies*