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I like to cook and i like fashion!

Drawing is just something i do when i'm bored.
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    Kei Kei
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Too cute (cries)
The panel of when she opens her eyes...
So CUTE icanteven
Where did they buy those undergarments??
* o *
Ringabel omg xD
ahahaha xD
thats so cute!!
Took me a while...
Mr.Mustache, did Varen ever encounter predators before meeting Russel?=o
No no no no no!
I want to help Herz!!
January 12th, 2014
Richie, be mine > /// <
I want a lovey dovey high school life too <3
ooh! I hope my high school life is like that too
^ u ^
I just hope the assistant gets her wand and hat one day... > u <
maybe something like a fedora?xD
If I was in this comic, I want to be a cupid and fall in love with this tsundere<33
ummm ummm
that brown thingy in the box
the tape
and the taller candle in the bg?

and Jura has such nice legs... ugh.. ; - ;

and is that plant in the bg on fire o_o
I love this comic so much!!!!

Oh.. Is the girl with the purple sweater on the left "Anaru" from AnoHana? =o
This makes me so sad ='(
sometimes I wish I was in a comic,cartoon,or anime to help out a character... ='(
I just realized that Els is drooling...
I want long nice smelling hair.. ; - ;
@lanobonano: Like. Pm u or just comment? o u o