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I love web comics
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Oh hey one of the most important people in the universe. I love seeing them.
power comic
September 13th, 2016
No this is Yarg Rolyat.
I JUST FIGURED OUT WHY THIS WAS BUGGING ME. Instead of a squished view of the front of her face like we should we see the side of her face like she is just on the other side of glass.
@The_mad_one: OHHH that makes sense.
Wait what.
But orange is wearing black. I thought all the cloths of the colours changed to match their colour.
Let's see... multiply by the moe value... carry the two... This is weird. By my calculations we should have all exploded from cuteness overload by now. *boom*
@a person: I can't get over how freaking sweet EVERY SINGLE RULER's hair is. The Judge of inverse has those cool white streaks, the royalty of Stratoverse all has poofy cloud hair, and just look at that crazy Ecoverse plant hair.
...Couch monsters!
It's a couch monster and I wanna eat it.
It's a couch monster are you really surprised?
It's a couch monster and it's in your couch!
Do you think it would go good with some fries?
Hmm avatar seems suspicious. I can't imagine why.
Oh frabjous day! Yay I was really curious what the judge was like but the comic was not updateing and oh my gosh now it is and *inhaling* I'm way too exited.
That cat
That cat is adorable.
I'm running out of words for things that happen in this comic that aren't the word adorable.
This is adorable! How are zombie kids this adorable? I can't imagine how you get from undead children to adorable but it's here and it is VERY adorable.
Awe Layla wants to hang out with her friend too. The cat-girl murder-amazon isn't the only person to hang out with.
Have you tried taking a picture of a really cramped space? Oh and you misspelled cramped.
Another one
This has me wondering exactly how many characters this comic is going to have that have had bad encounters with scientists/mad scientists.
Ed8#1:Ah but do to conservation of energy that energy has to come from SOMEWHERE like another dimension. It may have also come from someWHEN for all we know.

#2 Don't worry. Alternate universes aren't due for one or two hundred comics. It'll probably climax at the thousandth comic with an epic scene punctuated by some sort of ridiculousness to take the edge off. There'd be a big 1000 in the background.
The hitchhiker's guide the the galexy
I'm a little late but this comic specifically made this universe seem more hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy-ish.
I think not!
The eighth birthday of this comic comes shortly after the eight-hundredth comic. Coincidence? I think not!
Wow. How long have I been gone? Where to start... OH whatever I'm just gonna say that I guessed that the thing was him dating Stilez when he reacted right after the dating related suggestion. Stilez and Ichabod are so cute together. I have realized that this comic is in what I like to call the insanity zone; when something is comedy and deals with horrible things while never taking it seriously. I NEED TO BECOME A PATRON OR SOMETHING.

I also need to find a way to get or make a gright body pillow.