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The remaining dark power that imbued Gretchen is siphoned by Jake's own crystals. As this happens, Gretchen's crystals crumble and disintegrate.
Jake is taken out of his cathartic state by the eyepatch zorua, concerned over his partner's life, but now Gretchen rises again. Is her power amplifying, or did Jake find a way to weaken the crystal's power?
Filled with an anger that almost feels familiar to him.. Jake goes on the offensive, ruthlessly beating on the afflicted zoroark.
Kiln lands another hit on Gretchen, but in return is pierced by some of her dark crystals.
The fight rages on. Gretchen manages to pin down Jake, leaving him in a dangerous situation, but his friends remain close!
The fight against crystal Gretchen continues, Claude joining in the battle.
With Gretchen fully mutated into a crystalline, bloodthirsty monster, the party prepares for a fight!
Gretchen experiences a traumatic transformation from the dark crystals.
Everyone is in shock at what suddenly happened to Gretchen, the zoroark trying her hardest to stay in the game despite the dark power of the crystal seeping in.
Gretchen leaps in for the attack, but the Slowking was ready for it, impaling her with a dark crystal.
The slowking explains he only managed to get part of Nirvana's power. Perhaps the rest was stored in Jake in the form of the crystals?
The villainous Slowking makes his return as well. Arceus knows he has a nasty plot brewing, but what could compel the two to walk into a bandit's camp?
Jake and Claude figure out rather quickly that the decidueye and his master are most likely the ones who are spreading the dark crystals.
The decidueye from the Gemstone Caves is back, but what could he want with Jake this time? Is he here to finish the job?
Gretchen denies having anything to do with the dark crystals and seems to be losing patience with Jake and his party.
@Noahepix: Those were different bandits.
Kiln engages in a quarrel with Gretchen, trying to get something out of the wanted zoroark...
Gretchen unexpectedly demands the party to be freed from their binds, seeming to have a soft spot.
The party is taken into the camp, restrained, and now they'll get to confront Gretchen once more.
With some quick reaction, Kiln burns up a rope net that was close to ensnaring the party! But while they were distracted, two threatening dark types get the jump on them...