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The decidueye from the Gemstone Caves is back, but what could he want with Jake this time? Is he here to finish the job?
Gretchen denies having anything to do with the dark crystals and seems to be losing patience with Jake and his party.
@Noahepix: Those were different bandits.
Kiln engages in a quarrel with Gretchen, trying to get something out of the wanted zoroark...
Gretchen unexpectedly demands the party to be freed from their binds, seeming to have a soft spot.
The party is taken into the camp, restrained, and now they'll get to confront Gretchen once more.
With some quick reaction, Kiln burns up a rope net that was close to ensnaring the party! But while they were distracted, two threatening dark types get the jump on them...
While Jake's party takes cover to study the camp, Kiln accidentally sets off a tripwire!
Jake's party chases after Gretchen, only to discover there IS a whole camp!
Jake and Kiln spot Gretchen hanging around nearby. Could she have had something to do with the horrifying visions the three experienced?
Jake tries to cheer up Kiln, as the vision clearly hurt her spirit.
Kiln is still focused on whatever it was she witnessed, but Jake tries to steer her mind from the deception.
Jake manages to escape the horrifying delusion to see that Kiln and Claude appear to be facing their own demons.
Jake is utterly hopeless in this situation, but in his despair, he can hear a familiar voice...
A mysterious voice commands Jake to choose between Nirvana...or Kiln.
Once the smog clears, Jake finds himself in a new and frightful environment, but he makes an even more shocking discovery...
Jake and friends are quickly overtaken by an ominous purple mist!
(Forgot to upload this yesterday, my bad!) Jake and his party descend into the dried up riverbed, feeling a strange aura, possibly from the dark crystals?
Jake decides to stick with Kiln this time around to at least go to where the broken bridge was. Upon arriving there, they come across quite a disturbing discovery..
After ingesting the drink, Kiln is back to her normal chipper self!