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Kiln's mood shifts completely upon the good news, and Jake reveals that the guild is holding a feast, possibly for their first official assignment upcoming!
Kiln is understandably distraught, but luckily, Jake is here to lift her spirits with the good news he received!
Jake inquires about Kiln's impending punishment, but Terra instead replies with something unexpected!
The Slowking's name is finally revealed.
Terra reveals a foreboding secret to Jake about the Slowking and his partner.
Jake starts to explain what happened at camp and how Gretchen was afflicted by the dark crystals.
Terra and Drexel come into the tent just in time to see Suicune's condition.
Jake's rather violent solution seems to be working well, as the dark crystals on Suicune's leg are starting to break apart, their aura traveling into Jake's own crystals.
@GreyCorsola: Thank you very much!
Jake's resolve lies in the use of his crystals. He surges his energy forward in the form of a punch, hoping this move he pulled off on Gretchen will have the same result.
Jake visits the medic tent to see how suicune is faring, and it isn't looking too good for the legendary water type.
We've reached the end of chapter 3! Hope you guys enjoyed it! It's becoming more evident what Jake's crystals are capable of. What other powers could be contained within? Chapter 4 shall begin after about a week (or two) break, please stay tuned!
As Jake continues to try covering for Kiln, Terra warns him that his actions could bring danger to not just them.
Terra seems to be able to see right through Jake's lie. As much as he doesn't want Kiln to get into trouble, he'll eventually have to tell the truth.
Just around the corner, members of the council are present, and Terra does not appear particularly happy, seeming to know what Kiln was up to.
It starts to dawn on Kiln that she may not have made the best choice going after Gretchen again like she did. Hopefully it doesn't get to her too hard, but at least the team made it back safe.
As they talk among themselves, Kiln points out Jake's now-pink eyes, but could it really have to do with Nirvana?
Kiln is still fuming, but Jake takes the opportunity to reflect on what came of their venture.
Before he and his party leaves the camp, Gretchen warns Jake of a familiar darkness that could be within him.
Despite Kiln's strong want to complete her mission, she decides not to pursue Gretchen further after understanding her situation.