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@comercole: That was unnecessary to say. You know this is an actual pokemon yes?
There seems to be a rumor mill about Kiln. What other crazy things could that fennekin have gotten involved in to rise past the recruitment stage?
Kiln goes to get help from the village, as it may be their best bet to analyzing the properties of the crystals and the damage they've done.
Kiln and Jake discover quickly that Suicune seems to have dark crystals jutting out of one of his legs, the crystals clearly causing him pain.
Just before a fight breaks out, a suicune comes into the scene to scare Gretchen and her goons away!
@Ralmon: I am aware it doesn't make sense, but it has always been my style to add highlights to eyes because I like how it makes them look more lively.
Jake tries to defuse the situation, but Gretchen doesn't seem to be taking it well.
Jake, knowing better, sees through Gretchen's trick and demolishes the illusion!
As Kiln rushes forward to attack the dark types, Drexel comes out of nowhere, stopping the fennekin in her tracks!
@Slimey Jenkins: I went ahead and modified it. How does it look now?
Jake and Kiln are face to face with their bounty target. The zoroark tries to get into Kiln's head, but will it be enough to discourage the shaky fennekin?
@comercole: Thanks for the shout-out, man. I'm flattered this is top on your list. Hopefully we can continue to entertain you with what's to come!
@comercole: That's cool, thanks, man!
As Jake and Kiln collect their bearings, they are suddenly confronted...
Jake tries to figure out how an illusion could have been projected to mask the bridge's true form.
@Ralmon: The bridge is "incomplete" because it is actually mostly demolished. Or did you not pick up on that? If not, the scenario isn't even done yet, so that will be revealed in time.
@Ralmon: They're in the Dewgrove Forest which is right next to the Guild of Flowers. You could say the guild has made this bridge for the purpose of traversing the river at one point when it was there.
Jake and Kiln continue to chase after the zorua, but little did they know the bridge they tried to cross was not actually whole!
Kiln confronts the sneaky bush, which turns out to be an illusion!
As Jake and Kiln walk through the Dewgrove Forest to search for the outlaw zoroark, Jake imparts some more wisdom on how the creatures utilize their natural abilities.