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Jake, Kiln, and Claude do a thorough search of the chamber. Kiln decides to take this opportunity to take the particularly pretty gems in the area. The mission comes first, after all!
Jake's party returns to Nirvana's chamber. Claude calls out for her, but there is no answer...
Claude finds a way out for the party, granted he has to do a bit of digging before unveiling this hidden path...
Further confusion develops in Kiln's mission as Claude reveals the cave's copious rare gems.
Claude summons a resolve to go back to Nirvana's chamber, eager to see the result of her struggle against the two malicious pokemon.
Claude reveals he was the diancie's guardian. Asking what happened to her, Jake tries to recall the slowking's strange draining move, which he never saw before.
The sandslash having calmed down, finally, Kiln gives him a berry to heal him up. She finds out to her dismay that she only had two left, including the one she gave him. Soon there will be none... Here's to hoping they don't find more trouble along the way.
The sandslash explains what he remembers before Jake released him from his crystal prison.
Jake attempts to explain to the sandslash what really happened, and he seems to remember the two pokemon that attacked the diancie Nirvana.
The sandslash accuses the two young Pokemon of wanting to attack the diancie, apparently named Nirvana. What connection does he have to her?
Jake slams the sandslash down into one of the dark crystals. The throw proves to be very powerful, as it incapacitates the sandslash on its own! Now that they have him at a disadvantage, perhaps they can figure out what his deal is.
As Kiln is momentarily out of the fight, Jake must fend for himself. He stops an attack from the sandslash with stunning ease, gaining an upper paw!
@TheMewgon40: It's a TM.
The sandslash strikes again, but this time Kiln is ready for it and uses the move Protect to put a stop to a potentially devastating charge attack!
The sandslash assaults the two young pokemon. He does not seem in the mood to spell out his motivations for his violent approach!
The sandslash has been released from his crystal prison...but he doesn't seem all that happy or grateful.
The sandslash's prison is slowly disintegrating away, still under unknown circumstances.
As Kiln and Jake stare in awe at the creature in front of them, Jake's crystals start to glow with intense energy. What could be causing them to react in such a way?
Kiln and Jake continue exploring their new dark surroundings to discover not only the strange crystals, but a much larger one encasing an entire creature!
Kiln has fallen into a hole rather clumsily! Inside the hole, it appears that there are large odd-looking crystals, not anything like the ones Jake has seen thus far.