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Jake and co. enter the main tower, where there should be some rooms for Jake and Claude to stay in; however, it looks like Drex has something to do, and has left the task to Kiln to guide them. Perhaps she has something else in mind..
@comercole: Sure, I don't mind that~
Lyric and Terra have a private chat about Jake and Nirvana. What could be the extent of the riolu's strength and powers, and what event could Lyric and Terra be concerned about?
Claude catches up to Jake, carrying the resolve to protect him since Nirvana is fused with him, according to Lyric at least.
Drex gets the idea to finally show Jake and Claude to their living space to get some much needed rest, but not before Lyric makes a crack on the becoming of one of his dummies!
Everyone is in awe at Jake's display of strength, wondering if he truly has no experience with using moves.
Jake uses his first actual move as a riolu! ...with shocking results.
Lyric guides Jake through the motions on how to use Force Palm, despite him not ever having done it himself.. Perhaps it'll just come naturally!
Jake tells Lyric his story, and the sceptile provides some insight into the crystals.
Lyric is introduced to Jake and Claude, immediately noticing Jake's crystals.
Lyric quickly finishes the fight, once again bringing the raging zangoose to the ground.
The fight continues, and Lyric always has the upper hand over Zeke and his rage-fueled attacks.
The zangoose prepares to assault the elderly sceptile, aiming to expose him, but he seems to be having trouble striking Lyric.
Zeke the zangoose starts to get riled up, believing Lyric to be a fake for the outcome of his diet plan.
Lyric is confronted by an unhappy group of explorers, more specifically the especially frustrated zangoose, who is not satisfied with his paunch.
As they walk through the dojo, Jake is reminded of structures he has seen before, and wonders where he really is. Master Lyric is also ahead, the aged sceptile meditating.
The group arrives to the top of the cliff safely, setting eyes on the wondrous dojo before them.
Kiln is particularly excited to see this Lyric, but she must've forgotten that it takes a bit of climbing to get to the dojo.
When the pair of pokemon who attacked Nirvana are mentioned, something seems to ring within Terra's mind.
@comercole: Please don't ask such questions about the storyline/characters. They will be answered by the comic in due time.