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Jake and Claude are introduced to the Guild of Flowers' leader, Terra!
Pita's amazing cuisine is just what Jake needed to get his energy back!
Terra, the sawsbuck, determines the reason for Jake's collapse isn't because of some illness or injury, but because his poor stomach is empty!
Jake has never seen anything like this. He still does not realize he's in another world entirely.
Here we see the village of the Guild of Flowers in (almost) its entirety!
The party finally arrives at the village, Drexel granting access to the two newcomers.
The party nears the village but can Jake make it? It seems his energy is depleting with every step..
This page concludes the first chapter! Thank you to everyone who is still reading and enjoying our webcomic!
Drexel confirms that the crystals are emanating a fairy type energy. He would know, being a dragon type and all.
As Drexel tries to figure out the source of Jake's suffering, Kiln steps in and gives a mouthful on a previous experience.
As Kiln brings up concern for Jake's strange crystals, they begin to react again, glowing intensely and causing Jake pain.
The group makes their way to Drexel's village. On the path, Kiln tries to get to know Jake some more.
The party finally emerges outside!
Drex speaks of two of his superiors who could assist in finding Nirvana.
Drex offers Jake a home, but Claude doesn't seem too happy about this, worried his new companion will abandon him.
Kiln proudly states her helping Jake, much to Drexel's joy. Perhaps Jake may find himself a place to call home soon!
The goodra reveals himself as a high ranking pokemon in a guild.
Drex doesn't seem terribly concerned about whether the gems are legitimate or not, to Kiln's surprise.
Drexel reveals Kiln's status as a mere recruit. Perhaps this task is her final one during initiation before she is finally accepted?
@nanga: It's not being worked on anymore, sorry.