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Jake decides to stick with Kiln this time around to at least go to where the broken bridge was. Upon arriving there, they come across quite a disturbing discovery..
After ingesting the drink, Kiln is back to her normal chipper self!
Claude explains the concept of burning out, but thankfully it's rather easy to cure!
Everything appears calm again, but Kiln, having drained all her power, can't seem to pick herself back up.
With one last powerful hit from Jake, the hooligans are finally defeated!
While the Monferno and Scraggy are down, the Scyther appears to still be up for a fight, but not for long!
Claude finishes off the monferno with a powerful jump slash attack!
Jake and Claude work together to take out the monferno.
Kiln gets swarmed by the remaining two hoodlums, but then someone steps in to help!
Kiln is clearly not in the mood for being the victim of a robbery, showing how dangerous an agitated fire fox can be!

Kiln is met by a small gang of troublemakers! The fennekin is grossly outnumbered. What can she possibly do against these pokemon?
Kiln presses on into the Dewgrove Forest on her own, but it seems like trouble is already out to get the vulnerable fennekin.
The fire of determination still burns bright inside Kiln, and she looks to finish the job with or without Jake.
While it seems Claude might have initially agreed to accompany her, Jake's refusal to go causes the sandslash to back out too.
Kiln seems particularly excited about her idea to go after Gretchen again, though Jake & Claude don't seem on board.
Jake reunites with Claude and Kiln, and the fennekin has some words of apology for Jake.
As Jake goes to find his partners, he is met with some wary eyes, possibly word of his strangeness getting around the Guild.
@comercole: No, you just got too used to the night setting.
Jake wakes up, the day greeting him. Looks like Claude and Kiln have already left. What could they be up to?
@MegaAbsol: Your characters and themes are the meat of your plot. Think about how they represent certain things and formulate that into a coherent story that adheres to the established rules of the PMD world, but don't be afraid to experiment and add your own flair to the world.