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Kiln and Jake continue exploring their new dark surroundings to discover not only the strange crystals, but a much larger one encasing an entire creature!
Kiln has fallen into a hole rather clumsily! Inside the hole, it appears that there are large odd-looking crystals, not anything like the ones Jake has seen thus far.
Kiln starts to get sassy, unable to admit she might have lost her sense of direction, but then seems to stumble into a predicament!
Kiln's understandably found it hard to believe the rare gem would happen to be pierced into somebody's shoulder, though it is still a very strange predicament indeed.
Kiln indulges Jake in her mission, assigned to her from her guild. She must search for a rare gem in a cave full of gems, with hardly anything to go off of! Seems pretty fishy, or someone just wanted her away from the guild for a while.
Jake watches as Kiln leaves. Not wanting to be alone in case he were to stumble across another hostile creature, he decides to team up with her, Kiln being the only one to have shown him nothing but kindness thus far.
Kiln tries to show Jake her zeal and pride as an explorer. She at least has the right attitude, despite being lost!
Kiln tries to keep her cool despite not exactly knowing where she is in the caverns. Seems like she's trying to impress Jake or get him to help her with her mission. Does she want to use him, or does she really wish for a partner?
Kiln selflessly uses one of her oran berries to heal Jake! What a kind soul she is. For once Jake meets another pokemon that doesn't want to hurt him.
Despite having to defend herself against the apparently hostile pokemon of the caverns, Kiln gives Jake a chance before jumping to conclusions.
Kiln's eyes fall on Jake and she goes to investigate...his crystals? We know where the fennekin's priorities lie.
We see Kiln the fennekin for the first time! She seems to be rather troubled, conflicted with herself on whether she can accomplish her mission.
The short battle is over and the decidueye finds a rather simple way to keep the downed riolu out of sight.
With Jake easily taken down by the decidueye's powerful attacks, the riolu is at the mercy of the owl pokemon.
Jake prepares to fight the decidueye, not having any other choice. Unfortunately, there is nothing he can do against the ghost owl, and the decidueye seems to revel in Jake's helplessness.
The decidueye uses his signature move, Spirit Shackle, to pin down Jake! By doing this, the riolu can no longer escape. From this point, it looks like a fight may be inevitable...
The decidueye is after our hero! With little fighting experience as a pokemon, will Jake stand a chance against him if it comes down to a fight?
@nanga: Do not speak of The Drifter.
After the slowking drains the diancie, Jake's cover is blown, as the decidueye has caught sight of him. Now that they know of his presence, what will the hapless riolu do?
Try as she might, the diancie cannot seem to take out the two strange intruders... And what sort of dark power does the slowking hold?