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Uh... [insert random babbling about self here]
Ok! I'm a girl from Italy who's been reading manga since the age of fifteen. if you don't like my works, blame Sailor Moon, it all started from her. Really.
I've got a degree in Japanese and I'm planning to go to Japan as soon as possible. Other than that I love music of many different kinds (if you like Tori Amos you'll understand a lot of things from Amazing Echo), roleplaying, art in its "classical" forms (Dalì, Kahlo, Magritte, Chagall, but also the amazing architectural art that you can find in almost every city and town in Italy), and JRPGS. I became a Final Fantasy fan because I'm in love with Yoshitaka Amano's art and I wrote a graduation thesis about him.
If you want to, take a look at my Deviant Art page, so you know what else I like to draw.
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I've just finished inking. I wanted to try a flatting plugin I've recently been suggested that will make me save a lot of time, but it turns out it only works in older versions of Photoshop! Ouch...
How come you decided to put the comic back up here?
Keep us informed. I hope you'll have a good pregnancy and a healthy beautiful baby!
The new incentive is pretty delicious. It's Refia and Ingus from FF III DS, right?
Yep, that's his cloak. It's the piece they tore off in page 436, if you look a Vincent's cloak you can see the hole.
Congratulations on becoming an aunt! ^__^
I have two nieces and they're lovely.
Heh, sorry. Actually, I'm not thinking about buying a house anytime soon... too expensive, and I haven't found yet where I'd really like to live.
But if I were your friend, I'd keep my children away from my Cintiq with iron gates... ;-) I think it's the best tool a digital artist can get, but it costs around 3 times an Intuos, a price that few can afford.
I now own a Graphire, the simplest kind (now substituted by Bamboo), and I'm thinking about switching to an Intuos, which is much more sensitive and should let me fully exploit natural media brushes in a software like Painter. It's the choice most artists make.
As for the size, most people seem to think that the bigger, the better, but bigger tablets are also clumsier and I wish to stick to my usual A5 (European size).
In the beginning it actually wasn't easy to get used to the tablet surface and I felt like I was drawing with my left hand; the key to that is simple: practice! My guest-inked Growth pages are all inked digitally, something I'd never be able to do just a year ago. :D
The result is pretty good. Even though, what are you waiting for to get a tablet? ;) The Wacom Bamboo series is relatively unexpensive, and if you save your money for a while you could be able to get one.
It makes the difference when working on the PC, believe me.
Quickest hair tutorial ever!
@andygoth: ask me anything.
This is the method I used for this page: I drew a lot of swift, quick dark purple lines in Photoshop with a graphic tablet. Starting from the tips of the hair, I let the strokes thin out where I thought there should be a highlight. Then I selected the hair area and filled it up with some not-too-dark blue in Multiply mode. For any other more detailed explanation, feel free to ask! ;-)
I hope you all like this page. I plan on doing some more in the future (inking, at least) if Enkida wants me to so feel free to make comments and give me advice. ^_^
I think Nanaki could have something to do with the number seven... You remember the story much better than I, is he related to 7 in any way?
Heh, Yuffie's expression is so mischievous in the last panel! Yep, even in drawings it shows that you're feeling better.
As for what you wrote in your Live Journal, I was thinking about making an inking tutorial for a while now, but I couldn't get myself to give it an organized shape.
Lately I've been wanting to try to ink and color one of your pages. This way you could have a colored page even if you are sick! ;) Would you like me to?

I too think you're getting better with cats, especially looking at your sketches; what you need to do is to get a hand a bit firmer when inking. If you need models there are LOTS of house cat photos and videos everywhere on the Internet... I'm sure you can find something that suits you. The muscles and postures are pretty much the same after all. ;)
Well, actually my fanart did not survive the transfer... é_è
Anyway, having read the fanfiction long ago (long before you recommended not to read it!) I can see the plot is still pretty much the same so far. I'm curious to see when they will actually start to diverge and if that will affect the Yuffie/Vincent relationship, the Nanaki/Gi relationship or both or other unexpecter elements of the story.
I like your choice of colors. Vincent's red and black look good on the background's turquoise, blue and purple.
I believe that's because Yuffie is, as you can see in the previous pages, slowly losing her mind because of the mako in the crater. She's not fighting for Materia growth anymore, but just for fight's sake, and she's started disregarding even the most basical rules of carefulness because of that.
Mako poisoning is not only physical, it also mental, as we can see in the game when Cloud falls in the Lifestream. won't let me register my abitual username. I wonder why? I'll try to fix this. In the meantime, know I'm eagerly waiting for chapter 6. But I hope Yuffie will have a more normal expression by then, this one scares me ._.
Don't you hate when this happens?
Aaaw, I've had problems with the weather lately, and it shows.
Anyway, I custom-made almost everything in this page, drawing clouds in Photoshop and importing patterns. I suck at backgrounds. Really.
From the next page the story should properly start so keep coming!
As usual, please leave your comments! I (heart) comments. They keep me going.
The horse looks good to me...
What do you use for inking?
FF IV fanfiction? There's not enough of that out there. *Goes read*