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Valik Sparks
Name's Valik Sparks. Well on the internet anyways.

I enjoy art of various sorts, including writing, filmmaking, animation, and photo manipulation. I'm a pretty busy guy, with too many projects I'd love to do but don't have the time.

I got into 3D animation a couple years ago, but I'll yah it's bloody hard to do all by yourself. As such, I've decided to step down a notch and use the 3D knowledge I have to make still frames instead of movies, and try my hand at the world of webcomics.

Hello world.
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...yeah, it's pretty suspicious.

But could you really say no to that face?
@dear2me: Oh thank you! I'm very happy to hear this! :D
That moment when you realize your new friend almost tried to... you?
Bear beats human. Spider beats bear. Human beats..., human just dies.
@TheArtfulJellyfish: Thank yooouuu! That's great to hear :D
If you can't believe it worked... probably didn't.
Chandler: 1

Alex: Dead
@TheArtfulJellyfish: Yeeeaaahh I had trouble with bubbles in this page >.< Tried my best; panel 6 in particular, I kind of imagined them all almost talking at the same time anyways XD. At least the lower part of the panel. But don't want it to be distracting. Thanks for always letting me know XD.
@TheArtfulJellyfish: Oh yay! I'm glad that you've been getting those vibes cause that's definitely what I'm going for XD.

And yes, sadly not all amusing references can be gotten by all the people. But I do want to keep working on ways to have the characters almost explain the references themselves.. I dunno, comedic writing is an art in itself. Must practice.
Wheeeee I've been excited to upload this page. It was a lot of fun. Lylah was a character who wasn't in my original story outline, but I came up with later (and tied her into some important future plot points), and I'm really happy with her. I like quirky/adorable little-sister relationships a lot.

The only sad thing is that she won't be in any more pages this Chapter. Sob.
@TheArtfulJellyfish: Thank yoouu! Eheheh I'm glad you like the random Kira sillyness XD. And you definitely have a point with the dialogue. Could've scripted that better.

Next time!
Keeping secrets can be bad for your friendships!

And Desperate Housewives is just bad for your mental health altogether.
Yes, Panel 5 is completely unnecessary and wasn't even in the script. I was just having too much fun XD.

I'm following a design I see in a lot of Marvel comics I've read cause I think it's cool. Comic opens with an intro page, and then a huge, pretty, one-shot, and then the story gets rolling.

So yeah, this may just be one panel, but I put lots of effort into it! So many photoshop layers for all the shadows and lighting and webs.. XD
Mmmmm Venison..
Chapter 2! The Return of Kira: And her Magic Hair too!
@TheArtfulJellyfish: Eeeehehe, yes! I'm looking forward to exploring this dimension, especially given that poor Alex has nooo idea what he's gotten himself into.. XD
@bidder: Wow, thank you so much! Great to hear from a fan :)
@TheArtfulJellyfish: YAY! Thank you! :D

And yeah, she totally does XD. She'll be one of those moms who always gets mistaken for being a big sister or something.
...Once a Spidergirl, always a Spidergirl...