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Hey, I'm Mic!
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Bailey must be wearing some hella waterproof eyeliner bc damn
I spy feathers starting to sprout out of the back of Gannet's neck...
I'm imagining that RGB, even though he's a TV, is waking up with the AOL start-up tone.
Spider-Hair's gonna get it
Spider-Hair's gonna get his arse kiiiiicked
@LADYKAZUMI: I believe it says Piper
YES Spider-Hair and Mullet-Grease make a return!
@Miss-Reveur: The reason why that is, is because in the previous pages we could see that it was Dave speaking, in this page we can't see that it's him talking so she outlined his speech bubble to let us know who's saying what. She did the same thing with Clara's bubble too 0v0
Cue the excruciating pain that is his bones and muscles convulsing into a different form.
Cocoa makes his appearance!
October 19th, 2013
Oh he is such a little nerd and I love it!