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The Magnificent Z
Taking the "man" out of "Zman" since 2013.
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When is the next update?
S...tranger danger?
I'm going to assume that isn't normal.
Ah, it lives.
That was oddly terrifying.
@DarkScarz: Ho if you want a better update then do it yourself.
Neroe bullied me into making this page.
I tried your life hack advice and to my surprise it worked. Thanks Dregan.
Ten years. Good lord. Still one of the best on SJ.
I certainly enjoy this comic that I like to read.
@TheJGamer: Help me I can't get off. ;-;
I'd like to thank my parents for believing in me.

Comes in two variants: "Blonde Version" and "Correct Version."

Needs a bit more tuning but I'm out of time for the night.

EDIT: Touched it up a bit.
I can't believe the Bowsette meme was strong enough to jucking resurrect Super Marjo Bros.
I think you lied. You could zoom in way more. Enter the abyss.
Remember: When you're a cyborg, there's less space to spread out the alcohol.
He looks like the kind of guy who listens to vaporwave while he's getting high.
Fuckers need to lose weight.