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That is one hell of a stogie to be belching smoke like that.
Great now Valence is canon to SAZ.
I find this offensive given it was posted on the anniversary of 9/11 and I demand you take it down post-haste.
@Shard: What makes you think you're irrelevant? Granted, I don't speak for everyone but IMO you're always welcome in SAZ.
@Afroman17: Also why are you not on your liquid boobfox profile?
@kwane: Well, you guys rip so much from SAZ he probably figured you owe back-rent.
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I take it this is the memorial page for September 11th.
I saw you tryna fuck me over with that timeskip, Neroe.

That's what you get for leaving a sphincter to Hell in your front yard.
I fucking hate you.
@Smiffy SMF <3: Answer my question, ho.
Did you ask me for them?
Needs more Malice.
I guess Felicity's body was finally suitably waterlogged.
Yes, they do need definition. As it is, his chest is pillow shaded: otherwise known as "no, bad, stop shading like that." What you'll want to do is have the shading face a certain direction relative to the shape of his chest (pecks and such.) Notice on the original zero sprite how the shading helps bring out the roundness of his chestplate. Additionally, if that's a shirt or some other sort of cloth piece you'll want to put a ruffle/fold or two in there.

Also again you have some palette issues. His shirt needs to either be the same colors as the arms/boots or you need to make it a noticeably different color from them, depending on what you're trying to do with it.
Limit your palette. I see you're using two shades of red, which is completely unnecessary on an 8-bit sprite.

In order to stay upright that top would have to be spinning constantly, so I'd say blend the green and purple together here and there to give it more whoosh. Maybe make each line two pixels wide and give them a subtle screw-curve upwards.
Could use some more editing to differentiate your character from Mega Man. Without the dingleberry on top of his head, the outline is pretty much exactly the same as MegaMan, which tbh makes it little more than an advanced recolor. Maybe make him a bit taller, straighten out his legs and arms a bit, that kinda thing.
Well that took a turn.
@Shard: Beat you to it.