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Shelia has always been good at reading people.
Oh my god he jackhammered her so hard that her legs broke.
You're too good for Reidy's. Flee.
I'd imagine it's similar to milking a cow, but without using your hands or feet or mouth. Or... I guess you -could- but you wouldn't get a baby out of that.
What, did you expect me to embed the Magic School Bus theme song in my author comment? Fuck you. Go look it up on youtube.
It's 2018, Zack. Time to admit there's nothing wrong with being gay.
@Doth Geezer: If you were more well versed on the intricacies of SAZ lore then you would know what's going on.
Nine out of ten times when someone says that they're fine, it's a lie.

Recognize the signs.
@Whip the Rabbit:


>Dark Age of SJ

Expect to hear from my copyright lawyer in the near future.
That's the inside of a hyundai tuscon you cuck.
@Reidy: Don't lie to us. You're clearly dead. Also join SAZ.
Gonna be honest I found reading the text an extremely obnoxious experience so you might want to simplify your boxes.
Nice to know the bandits have a Human Resources department.
Didn't Katai come back to life anyway?
Not edgy enough.