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The Magnificent Z
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When is the next Edge of Pizza: The 3D Virtual Reality Experience?
I can't wait for a light-hearted trip through the woods where nothing goes wrong.

No, she doesn't deserve sympathy.
When is the next update?
S...tranger danger?
I'm going to assume that isn't normal.
Ah, it lives.
That was oddly terrifying.
@DarkScarz: Ho if you want a better update then do it yourself.
Neroe bullied me into making this page.
I tried your life hack advice and to my surprise it worked. Thanks Dregan.
Ten years. Good lord. Still one of the best on SJ.
I certainly enjoy this comic that I like to read.
@TheJGamer: Help me I can't get off. ;-;
I'd like to thank my parents for believing in me.

Comes in two variants: "Blonde Version" and "Correct Version."

Needs a bit more tuning but I'm out of time for the night.

EDIT: Touched it up a bit.
I can't believe the Bowsette meme was strong enough to jucking resurrect Super Marjo Bros.
I think you lied. You could zoom in way more. Enter the abyss.