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Ohay more cannon fod-background characters. Background characters who won't die horribly. >_>
Malice has a silver tongue and a heart of gold.

He stole both from some guy he murdered.
But I don't wanna start making pages again.
More compelling than the tournament.
@Marioismyman: One can only guess.
She's easily excited.
Five minutes left, so it's technically still tomorrow.
Have a sick, will update tomorrow.
Hi Glandor.

Bye Glandor.
Ironically the robot is the one pressing Sam's buttons.

~ Me during most of my break.
@Bringer_of_light: I don't know that shit. What, do you think I actually read this comic?
Wait, how does he know about Marleroth?


Oh. Sorry, what? I wasn't listening.
I don't recall you ever telling me this. Ever.