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Hoy there!
Aspiring to make my art a living and all that jazz.
Also cosplays and drinks a lot of tea.

For more artwork I'm on instagram, my username is topbanana_jam (mostly sketches and cosplays here)
and my artblog on tumblr:
@yaoiioay: Thank you! There is two of us and we alternate who does the art after each world! :D
Caelum doesn't have a very good pain tolerance, I couldn't help but doodle a 'behind the scenes' of these two.
And that wraps up this little story, thank you so much for reading guys!
Last page!
Just as things were starting to get interesting, this is final page for this AU (for now anyways!)
So without further adieu, on to the next AU!
More whispers
That kiss was too good to be true.
(apologies for inconsistent artwork guys eep)
September 5th, 2016
@Riaya: Yeah true, the poor guy haha.
I'm really bad at drawing kissing guys, I wish I could give you better ;;
This can only end well.
Fission mailed
His success at interrogation is lookin pretty bleak.
Been a while!
I am SO sorry for the radio silence! It's been hectic and mega busy with work and other art priorities, that I just couldn't find the time to put any time into these comics. but hopefully I'll be somewhat more consistent with updates between convention prep. (i'm letting the team down i cannot apologise more)
The End
I've been putting off this update, purely because I don't want it to end ;;
Killed me to draw the final panel ahh.
Thanks so much for people who have stuck with this since the beginning, it's been such a roller coaster with updates, but here it is!
I'd write something long and soppy about this comic, but i'm just gunna say, while I'm not 100% happy with the art and colouring, I'm happy I finished it!
perhaps i'll come back to this one day and polish it up for print

and extras ;D
ho hooo
Second to last page guys! It's been a hell of a journey for me making this, i've never stuck with a comic for more than 80 pages haha!
(I really shouldn't be this light hearted concerning this point in the story woops)
It's goin' down now
Late update woops
I had some rush commissions to get done sorry guys!
Thanks for 200!!
Daydream noise covered 100 thank you art
so I'm taking 200.
aaaand It's smut.
because holy heck these guys haven't even been drawn kissing yet, so I think we AT LEAST own you this.

oh boy
Things aint looking too good for her
uh oh
This interrogation is going to go swimmingly of course.
wiggles brows
Is it possible to be scared and attracted at the same time??
Lets go with yes.