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Holy crap is Valchrist getting a back story? :D
December 23rd, 2012
Awww I remember the original. :D
Glad to see it making a come back. :D
Oh my glob perfect timing on this update! I just started reading this and reached this page a bit after it posted. XD

Oh man it is amazing so far. I absolutely love it and can not wait to see how all of this is going to unfold! :D
@Twinkel13: oh glob I thought the same thing. XD
Glob yes! I'd love to see it redone and continued. :D
I'm excited to see what await on the other side of those gates. :D
I am loving all of these cross overs. XD
I am so excited to see the sort of trouble these two may come across. XD
@|-Himitsu-|: Well askfop is awesome, can't wait for the new post there and for a new page of the comic. :D

PS~ just let me tell you that the way you draw hands is cute...I donno I just thought you should know.....
To Wissler
Do you do the askfop page on tumblr? it looks like your line art in a way and i was just wondering and if it is you I love every post there. :D

and i love this comic to btw.
Can't wait to see more on what is going on with cosmo here.XD
@Cheshire_Cat'semocuts: This comic was actually based on a fanfiction. XD

The link to it is under the links section of the comic but sure if you want to you can write it.
Ah misspelling and hearing words is the start of many adventures. XD
@krysten morales: yeah that was me. XD
I wanted people to know that the fan fiction, which came first, had a comic to it. :D

I'm glad you liked it. :D
...That is my dad's name. XD

BTW I love the new lay out, the banner at the top is awesome. :D
I see why his brother wanted him to take his meds. XD
Against Grimm...I think I would fear that rock. XD
Such a cruel place to leave off at. XD
...he can stay crazy for just a least until he slips and tells us who Jo is....
Aww wait I didn't get to vote...I vote Dakota!

I think the after math is the best part I mean sure we all know it started somewhere but I prefer to see where it takes the world. :D
Oh man I just started reading this today and it is awesome already.
Love the stories on disease apocalypses and to find it in a comic is even better.
And I love the take you guys have on it so far. :D