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I'm a big ol loser (o´ω`o)
@MEWfer: dude shut up and stop calling her the "nerdy fat single chick" like she's just fucking worried? That'd be really scary and she was like fuck no i gotta say something! That and you're kinda insulting Annis writing and characters???? Knock it off.
Looks like he finally came out of the coffin -Isaac 2016
My children
I love how romantic Joa is, it's so sweet
@Name: she said once before that he doesnt, and it would be ooc if he did
Happy holidays lmao it's raining in oregon
yo i just gotta say that fruitloop looks like my fave singer mika but like mika from 2007-2008. and mika is also gay.
ahh joas hair though
why is dylan so sweet why why u gotta do this
@Kamishiro: i thought i wAS THE ONLY ONE
fukn hell u scared me for a sec dont fukn do that
this is the saddest yet most creative comic i swear
this is actually really cute/sad because hes such a nice and caring guy hes all like "oh no oh no!! im so sorry ahh what omg i fucked up i fucked it up im so so sorry please forgive me"
@The God: hm its a picture i drew of my version of human Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. that is strange haha
wow super cuties
is that daVE STRIDER
thats dave
im sorry i had to say this, but joa reminds me so much of misty from american horror story. both undead, really sweet and loving, and lonely. so so lonely. all they wanted was a friend
this was the best thing to come home to omg
so cuties