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I'm a creative person and need to do something creative every day to feed my soul! I am a graphic designer and since chapter 5 happy to say I've been Sky's colorist. I"m an American, am very involved in a dog rescue group where I foster dogs until adoptions, participate in events, design and maintain the website and make bits to post on social media. I love being on the computer and have a round butt to prove it ;) I love to read, research my ancestry and eat watermelon.
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@Fruitbat44: and thank you for being such a loyal reader! I didn't notice the dark bird when I colored this, but now you've got me wondering if it might be our ominous feathered friend!
@kidcthulhu: I said the same thing to Sky about Laura! It was a happy accident really. I'd always colored Laura very pale, and when this part of the story came about I figured it worked out nicely since Laura had been used/abused and frightened so that made me imagine her having a bit of a sickly look. Sky says I overthink though :D but actually I'm thrilled you noticed!
@fallopiancrusader: Yay thanks! Sky gives me freedom in my coloring but was hesitant about my style for Lucy's PJs so glad to hear you liked them.
@ohanyname!: I am not British, I am American, from several generations of Sawyer so highly doubt I've any relations in Essex.
Seems like Lucy should realize how hard it is for Sarah at the house.
@Linn: Ah yeah, the agent was a great character and I just remember saying Noooooo at the tv LOL. But no that's not what I knew ahead of time and glad I didn't or I might have stopped to. It's a whole lotta crazy good that show LOl
@Linn: 'the middle one' meaning bathtub victim? lol I need another clue :D definitely the creepiest season I thought and brought about so many changes
@Linn: That season was hard for me too, as I knew ahead of time a victim of the Trinity killer and I was not looking forward to it. I guess he did a good acting job because that was the most uncomfortable season of all.
@MichaelHartman: Don't worry, Nikki is watching them :)
Wow this is awesome, Linn! I love it!
@Linn: for sure! and sitting at the computer coloring is often how I can escape for a bit.
@kidcthulhu: thank you so much kid :)
@ohanyname!: the Lupus and it's medication led to much more, one being lung issues which can be worsened in the cold air, so don't think Iceland is for me, but thanks for the info.
@Fruitbat44: Merry Christmas to you too Fruitbat! Thank you for being such a kind and attentive follower :) It means so much to Sky when someone takes the time to make a thoughtful comment, and I'm lucky and thrilled to be part of this lovely creative journey. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. ~Becky
@skyangel: Altho I know the premise for those movies and Misery too, I.. um.. haven't actually seen any of them *hangs head in shame*
@Mel: Thanks. Took me awhile lol.
OMG I just realized why Alison's hair has gotten shorter since meeting Sarah. She's trying to become Janey! She's just reached a new level of creepiness!
@ohanyname!: Ha, maybe next time, Ohany. I shy away from coloring things black because it covers up Sky's beautiful line work. Besides we can't discriminate against the hetero swans! :D