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some sort of ghost bird lesbian. they/themself or ey/emself
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    chiaroscura / chiara / roscura
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i love these kids ....
whoa congrats!!! thank you for making this comic i love it a lot!!
January 31st, 2017
"i heard they're lovely" "from who?"

emmetts gay i love him???
thank you so much for making this comic!!! i love it a lot and its been so cool seeing how its evolved. i wish i commented more but just know i enjoyed every update and also i love all the characters and your art style and am excited for whatever you do in the future! <3
i just read through all of this comic today and i just want to say i really really enjoy it so far! from the beginning of the comic i absolutely adored your art style and seeing how much it has developed and improved from there is super awesome. also i love all of your characters and your approach to the plot and i love the character development of the past chapter. basically what i want to say is your comic is wonderful and definitely will now be in the top of my list of comics i look forward to seeing update!
i really love your art style and i can't wait to continue to read this!!