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* Swedish girl who loves comics (d'oh)
- Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, romance (BL/GL/HL :D) etc..
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I just found your comic and I just wanted to say that your art is GORGEOUS.. Such beautiful backgrounds and character designs!
Also, Sci-fi is always a plus :)
I just wanted to say that I love your comic..! (I neeeever post comments.. Awkward/shy/whatevss - BUT, I just had to now!)
Your characters have such depth and I feel for all of them. The story is nice and I love your art :)
These last few pages made me quite angry/upset, which doesn't happen that often for me while reading most comics :)
Blythe is an amazing character, but I really dislike her! arrrgh (again, doesn't happen that often)
Mehhhh, d'no if I make sense.. So I'll just stop here - GREAT JOB and THAANKS for sharing :) <3
(Also; Noooes Sashaa, go get ya giiirl! ;/ ..)