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Shabby Digs
I dunno if French prisons are much different from ours, but I like to pretend they look like this...
I have hit a problem. I am missing the first 4 pages of chapter 6... I have to go digging for them. There may be a delay in further comics until I can re-scan them.
Ah, another great moment! To learn more about Leonardo's lost painting, please see here:
It's supposed to be a most amazing war piece. I hope we do uncover it again someday...
October 8th, 2013
They're all so young! And your textures are all different! And color is so bright! And Awwwww!!! Have fun reloading! =)
Man... I freakin' love Fra Angelico... Did you know Pope JP2 made him the Patron Saint of Catholic Artists in 1984? What a guy!
It turns out, as I upload these archives, that I never drew a chapter cover for Book 5. So in order to remedy the situation, I met with my writer, decided on a title, and then I went to Subway, had some dinner, and drew this cover- one that should have been drawn some 4 years ago. In fact- it was a bit like time-traveling. I quite enjoyed it.
I really like this page. Most of Book One I don't like, now that I'm in chapter 8, but I still like this page. I'm guessing that is due to the amount of contrast. Yay balance!
Fated Feather Rises
So, for the past decade, Fated Feather has been on the Drunk Duck server. Drunk Duck had a massive liver failure or something, so here we are, seeking out a new home. Smack Jeeves has some very nice details. We'll see how this goes...