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Yaoi ga rabu rabu desu :X.
I'm 16, I'm a yaoi fan *squeeze*. I'm from Vietnam.
I'm currently self-studying Japanese. Just for the sake of understanding raw unscanlated yaoi. lol xD.
I love making this sound: nyaaan... nyaaaaaaannnnn... meow xDDDD.
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School has jsut started and it's so crazy already... I'm getting damn tired ~__~.

So... It's a little filler. I'll color it later, when the comic has... like... 100... or more... fans... T__T

And it's 100% fanservice. Guess when it will really happen? :D
Hi again ^^;;.

This is my first pen-inked page ;__;, I always used pencil... And I do prefer pencil T__T. Can you tell me which do you prefer? ^^;.
Ahh, stumble and fall xDD *pats Du* must really hurt ne xP.
Japanese characters are fun to write <3, aaaah~ and oooh~ xD luv them!

*Please bear my blah blah talk*
I went to an amusement park with my friends yesterday, and I went into a Haunted House for the first time ;__;. And I was so damn scared that I couldn't do anything but screamed >"<. Great, now people know about my cowardice T__T.

Thanks for bearing my nonsense talk ^^'. Enjoy the page and please comment <3.
Surely I would also have a nosebleed if I was there staring at the two... xD
OMG OMG. I couldn't help but stared O_o;;... Wah, I love the pose xDDDD!!! Your pose drawing is really, really nice, I do envy you xD! And I love the male symbol, it make me LMAO XDDD... Love the comic xD
September 1st, 2007
Awww, twins! I <3 twins so much >"< aaaahhhh... xD Of course I'd rather twin boys xD

I'm absolutely in love with your comic... and the fact that everything is hand drawn is so amazing O.o... you're so talented, love you! >"< The comics deserve more fans and comments! XD
This page is kinda boring with lots of text ^^;;... Please read it carefully anyway ^^'.
Argg the young Linh's hair! It's way easier to draw ToT... I swear to get rid of Linh's hairband soon ;__;.
Errr.... Enjoy and comment *huggies*.
Sucks T.T...
Yes, I know. This page sucks. So much that I want to cry just looking at it T__T. And I can't bring myself to redo the page.... never >"<.
About this page... It's the first intense, I mean admiring, gaze Du gave to Linh. ^^".

And the ad picture at the bus stop. It's a picture I colored. The lineart was done by another person; I just colored it. Here's the full version: Please take a look :">.

*Please bear my endless blah blah ing* Another school year has started *cries*. I can't draw as much, can't update as recently. School sucks. My new math teacher is super cool and handsome. And it's ironic that I hate math. Yeaaaah. Great.

Er... Enjoy this page anyway and please give me kind words to comfort *the hopeless* me T.T...
Waaah, you updated at last ^>^!! They're still cute :xxx.

Hope to see their grown up version :x, which I expect to be really soon, right? XD
Damn... I can't help but stared *__*. Can't take my eyes out of it :x. And my mother saw it!!! >"< OMG she didn't say anything but...

Anyway... Kyaaaa kissed XDDD!!!! Isn't Ed a little irresponsible running off like that? That's bad, Ed T__T. And I was looking for some confessions XD.

I expect the stry will be even more interesting from here on :x. Keep it going! XD
Mitten: Er... it took me like nearly an hour to draw the side view - __ -. Hate it >.<
*Faints after reading the comments*
*Faints again after seeing the page*

OMG they nearly kissed >"< >"< Aaaargh, Why don't they just move their lips a little closer :(. It's still not a kiss! >"< And it makes me fear that something will happen in the next page and they WON'T kiss... Argh *dies*

*prays for their kiss to not be interrupted*
Stellaluna96: Muaaahahah, thanks to Linh's imagination! xD
MillieQOF: xD my country is tropical and it is usually hot... that's why it's strange for Du to wear that jacket xD and Linh makes fun of him xP.
mitten: XD so I'll just ignore it :-", too lazy to fix and re-up :P
Amaya-kitty: I also think so :D, but this is a manga, not everything is like in real life :P. I want it to be kinda fantasy-ish ^^

Anyway, thanks for your kind comments uwaaah... I love you guys *chuu chuu*
Aaah, my heart thumped hard seeing this page ;__;. The next page will be the page I look forward to the most xDD.

*kicks Mrs. Dove or anyone dares get in the way* Don't ever interrupt this meaningful moment, ne? >"<
OMG, darn >.>, I mis-numbered the page >.>, it should be page 04 ;__;. Gomen ne *Too lazy to fix >"<, may be later...*
This one is actually my favorite page xD. many chibis and usagi-chan and the poles and the penguins... I don't hella know how to draw penguins XD! They look like chicks ^^'.

ah, just in case you're confused, the BG of the third panel isn't real ^^". It's just there to make it feel more... hilarious? :P

As always, enjoy and comment ne ^^.
eheheheh really? Du also sounds like "you" xD! so funny heheh.

you don't have to comfort me, I know it's terrible T__T.
Meet Linh - the playful and cute boy! ^.^
The thing I hate the most in this page is........ the towel! >"<. Kidd chan hates everything with lots of fold, aaargh T__T. It looks so retarded in the third panel that I had to use a huge sfx to cover it :D.
I'm still not used to English sfx T__T. What sound does the towel make in the last panel? Can someone tell me? >"<

As always enjoy the page :">. *runs off to tone the next pgae*
Well... er... I don't like this page T__T. The next page is better, I promise :((. Look at those stupid roofs! *is shot* Stupid background... T__T. Hope I would draw them better soon :(.

Du has to wake up early to go to school... I do too :D, I have to wake up at 5 am on school days :(. Gah, it's too much! >.<.

Anyway enjoy ne ~__~. Because I don't like this page, the next page will be here really soon :).
Gah, sankyuu minna san~~~ XDDDD.
Misuki: Your avatar... is it Miyavi-sama? :x aaaah... Love him :x :x :x.
xD a pencil page, yay. I drew everything in pencil xD and never used a pen for my manga, that's why I love pencil xDDD.
I love Bart's bored face, so cool :x. Your background is really nice O__o