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If you didn't read the news on the front page, go do it because it explains why the updates are so far away.

I know I said there would be a schedule....but I don't think that I'll be able to stick to it until all the computers get fixed.

Maybe a filler here and there to show you I'm still alive will do me some good.

If you want just updates on my artwork or just to see me, check out my DA:
Yay! Update.
I love the squirrl being taken away, random source of amusement for Sephiroth. The picture on his desk is adorable, Edea?
September 26th, 2007
The last pannel is beautiful, I love it.
September 22nd, 2007
Congrats on page 300. I love the broody looking Vinnie in the corner, and how it's completly different from the happy Nanaki and Yuffie from page 100 and 200. ^-^
September 16th, 2007
Awesome page

and that would explain the lack of memory on the family dad'll 'love' to hear this...not >.<
September 13th, 2007
movers...I know I didn't face them becausee I never made it to NC but I can't remember my brother facing them >.< The page looks very good, I love the confusing-like background to add to the all effect
School's starting to get the better of me. The first chapter will be a little shakey with updates but that's because I'm still adjustign to when I have time and when I have to do my homework.

I'm trying to make updates, and I will do my best to have at least one each week.
o.O Sephy has encoured the wrath of Quistis Trepe....

and I can't say I feel sorry for him
Well, it's a little after ten, I apologize. My scanner has been acting screwy all day and it's a bit annoying when it won't scan the image that you're trying to make it work.

Once again, I apologize for the latness in the evening of the comic. But here you go.

Hands have never been my strong point, and that's the main thing that I'm trying to work on within the making of this comic.

*sigh* Jerome is tactfull as ever, and we all know that Liz doesn't enjoy the newfound attention grabber ^-~
I realize that the pages aren't exactly all the same size...that wasn't done on purpose. I draw out the whole thing on my huge paper from my sketch pad, then chop it up on the computer (ms paint) to make it into pages.

Anywho, I don't have class this weekend, so that whole 'colored' pages ting will only happen if I manage to get over to my friend's house who has photoshop but isn't always really allowed to have friends over for reasons that are beyond me.
o.O oh my gawd, uber scary looking....I was tired for a moment, now I'm wide awake >.<
Next page up. I have one more page scanned and ready. I have to find my stupid sketchbook so I can get the next pages up.

My teacher for my Macintosh class has open lab on the computers for like....four or five hours outside of class and the computers have photoshop. The next few pages may or may not have color...depending on how good I am wiht playing wiht an apple computer.

Hopefully it'll turn out all happy and nice.
Page 3
Here's page three...
Page 2! Yay! The first few pages I didn't have my pen to ink so they're a little blury because of my scanner. I bought new inking pens so it should be better quality soon.
No specific time as of when I will update...that will come soon...I hope. I'll try to update at least once a week.

I only have my scanner and paintshop to work with, but I'm hoping that this will help me to get better.
Only one year of French, and I know what is being said...that makes me happy for no reason whatsoever. Grammer was always easy for me, it was just remembering the words was the hard part >.<

Is this Quistis I see as the French teacher? Blue eyes, blonde....and the hairstyle...I hope I'm not wrong.
I'm so glad that you updated this...and so many so close together. I was happy to see one page after such a long time, but now there's more...I hope you can figure out that semi-regular scedule.
And I thought that Vincent was scary when angry...Yuffie is adorable, no matter how old or mature she may become, that child will still come out here and there. ^-^
I love how Yuffie's eyes in pannel four when she's pissed are about the same as when she's engulfed into a battle.
I love the new design, it's all pretty and confused me when I came to check the comic, but it's pretty none-the-less.