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Drunk Duck refugee.
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    Brick Mickasso
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"Pirates get to wear tight pants, bright colours, leather boots and feathers XD"

Doesn't every gay man get to wear those?
And it takes 6 or 7 months to come up with the Greatest Sprite Comic in the World!
I'll be posting in both places.
I know, this is a comic about Drunk Duck coming back on Smack Jeeves, but I thought it was funny how I found out, since OzoneOcean is really like a big giant floating head -- a Jedi Master of Webcomic making like Obiwan Kenobi.

Ironically, Drunk Duck is down now.

I think I'll be keeping Smack Jeeves as a mirror though, so atleast one of them will be up.

Hey Zoestead!
The first of a potential video game comic. Haven't decided if I'm going to continue with this on yet.
December 21st, 2005
Thanks for the comments.

I don't think I have anything positive to say about the holiday season this year.