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"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"
thank you warren zevon...

That is a truly Eeevilll expression.
November 8th, 2018
David Bowie
@Second_Chances: ...was heterochromic, though i believe in his case it was due to an injury.
@glmdgrielson: I think it's sort of inverted - the pinky part should be lower down and it should grade into purple/blue as you look toward the zenith...
@TranshumanAr: And she gets to HIT things...
@161616: "Game night" is a flexible term - it can easily include beginning in the afternoon.

And, depending on how far north St. Hallvard's is, sundown could be pretty darned late in late spring/early summer.

As to the uniforms ... Maybe they wore them to access the school without questions?
@161616: Rudy specifically says "D&D night"...
@Guest: Considering the record of the Catholic Church in dealing with bad priests ... he's quite possibly justified in taking such an attitude.
Ummm ... Oops?
Okay - all Rain actually heard of all that seems to be "...Em's been gushing about you all day."

She's got it bad.
@Guest: It's an urban, Catholic, private high school.

Depending on the neighbourhood, there might be very few families of other ethnicities to send their kids there.


It's plural.
Ah. It WAS the nadelm asking.
Given his own duality, Rudy would spot that he's talking to at least two different people.

Those who have discovered the wonderful "Liaden" stories of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller {} will understand that Rudy wants to know if he's talking to Father Arthur or the nadelm of the school...
@Anna Rei: Now you have.
@The Aussie Bloke: Exactly what i thought of.
@Zosonils: He's afraid it's a miscarriage and he's afraid she might die?
@Killsoty: eewww
"If you're gonna shot - shot!"
"If you're gonna shoot - shoot!"