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September 8th, 2017
Foreboding dialog, next ten panels.
I would think there would be ethical issues for Vincent acting - even informally - as a therapist to Kellen.
As one of my brother's characters says...
"I really don't like battle plans that include words like 'probably' or 'hopefully'."
"I just had a thought"
The only thing more scary to hear that i can think of would be "Hey Bubba! Hold my beer and watch this!"
Do i detect a certain air of "Light fuse get away quickly" in those last two panels?

"Let's toss out a bombshell to distract everybody" sort of thing?
@Corrin: Me not want be only one worrying alone.
Sadly, that old line about "The calm before..." comes to mind here.

Sorry to be a buzzkill.
Rain, sweetie, your hair is fine. My {genetic} girlfriend had hair a LOT shorter than that when she was attending med school, and nobody ever seemed confused.

{Of course, the text on some of her undergarment labels involved the letter "D", so that may not be a fair comparison...}
@Yan Mouson: "Clocked" can also mean punched in the face...
Okay. Rain's meaner than me.

"...and it's always the seniors."
* snrk *
GO Rain!
You could, maybe, have said that a page or so ago, but when you're a genuinely nice person, it takes a while to build up enough steam.

I on the other hand would have told her to shut the hell up about the second panel she was getting at me.

But then, i never claimed i was genuinely nice person.
Quick Rain - people fall in bathrooms and hit their heads and die every day!
@Pearlmethyst Lover: I'm a little vague - does she know/guess Rain's secret?
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< butter not melting in rain's mouth >
This boy's wanting his head (or other portions of anatomy) handed to him.
@Le Fou: I'll be crossing my fingers for you.
"End of March"
Hey - March isn't ended till after the 31st, so if you post ON the 31st, you're keeping your promise.
@LittleLynn84: I was being silly.

Fixed the link.
@LittleLynn84: Please don't tell me how the story ends