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@Izai: The post right above yours lists the candidates, and "Ryan" wasn't on the "King" side, though Rain was up,for Queen
...the penny dropped and the mechanism emitted a faint creaking sound.
Someone's Butt...
...really wants kicking.
@Sophie: Knew a girl/woman {we were both a LOT younger than i am now} who {essentially} took a pair of men's bell-bottom jeans {i did say it was about forty years ago, didn't i?} and ripped out the inner side of the legs and then stitched in panels of contrasting denim front and back to make herself an ankle-length skirt of comfortably-faded denim with Actual Pockets...
Rain is just so flippin' CUTE in that first panel.
I only know two phrases in the English language...
@Belgarel: ... that are even more bodeful than that:

"Some assembly required"


"I just saw it the other day."

{That one led to me paying $35 for a new stapler last week...}
Or Educated
@Crystal-Can-Shield: Nothing further to say.
"It Can't Happen Here..."
So, apparently, right here in Hall County GA {if i understood the Georgia Public Broadcasting story correctly}, a trans man has been denied the right to run for Prom King - his name was on the ballot selected by students, but the administration removed it.

He can run for Prom QUEEN, they say.

Apparently, a petition to reinstate him has gathered more than a thousand signatures, while two petitions against doing so have less than a hundred each...
For laying it on with, two each
@161616: Not enough, anyway.
"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"
thank you warren zevon...

That is a truly Eeevilll expression.
November 8th, 2018
David Bowie
@Second_Chances: ...was heterochromic, though i believe in his case it was due to an injury.
@glmdgrielson: I think it's sort of inverted - the pinky part should be lower down and it should grade into purple/blue as you look toward the zenith...
@Guest: Considering the record of the Catholic Church in dealing with bad priests ... he's quite possibly justified in taking such an attitude.
Ummm ... Oops?
Okay - all Rain actually heard of all that seems to be "...Em's been gushing about you all day."

She's got it bad.
@Guest: It's an urban, Catholic, private high school.

Depending on the neighbourhood, there might be very few families of other ethnicities to send their kids there.


It's plural.