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Ah. It WAS the nadelm asking.
Given his own duality, Rudy would spot that he's talking to at least two different people.

Those who have discovered the wonderful "Liaden" stories of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller {} will understand that Rudy wants to know if he's talking to Father Arthur or the nadelm of the school...
@Anna Rei: Now you have.
@The Aussie Bloke: Exactly what i thought of.
@Zosonils: He's afraid it's a miscarriage and he's afraid she might die?
@Killsoty: eewww
"If you're gonna shot - shot!"
"If you're gonna shoot - shoot!"
Last two panels: I once had a SMALL cat who came face-to-face with a strange dog in our front yard who was about four times her size.

She gave him the Nose to Nose Death Stare and after he decided that he had Business Elsewhere she stood there glaring after him for almost a minute without moving...
@AnOldWolfNamedSteve: Everybody in Rashomon is telling the truth - their truth.

Sort of like the truism that "No-one is the villain of his own story."
@Nesagsar: Only if they believe the girls.
Since she's probably already in deep trouble, it's a pity they couldn't have come by about ten or twenty seconds later, AFTER she hit him.
@Guest: Eeewww
No more "Todd-with-a-girl" scenes?

Maybe a "Girl-breaks-Todd's-nose"scene next?

Teh kyoot!

It burnnsss us, Precious!
@Snow Lilly: eee?
Perhaps the tux had a maroon cummerbund?
February 15th, 2018
I'm sorry - i have a problem with using a plural pronoun to refer to a single person...

I absolutely agree and understand that we need a gender-neutral pronoun, but using the wrong number jars my ear.
December 10th, 2017
My first wife didn't want children, and i was happy to oblige - knowing myself, i was afraid that i would hit.

At this point in time, we have two granddaughters (soon to be ten and twelve) via my stepdaughter - she was fourteen when i married her mother, and we have gotten on fairly well - living with us.

Despite strong temptation (especially in the case of the younger) i have never hit my granddaughters.