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@amanduur: The reader used healing wave.
Amanduur is healed.
The reader used praise.
Love the transition between chapter 5 and 6. I can't wait for these chapters!!!
The reader used apology.
Sorry for this silly skit heheh.
@amanduur: amanduur uses confusion.
It's super effective.
The reader is confused.
First time reading!!!
It's freaking awesome!!!
will wait for the next
wow that was a shocking turn of event... heheh...
but yaaay!!! an update has appeared!!!
wow I can't wait for the next update.
I can see Dave Strider heheh!!!
And im the 1,000 th fav+
i reaally like your art!
Please do. I'm loving this comic. Heheh
Oh come on I just started reading this and I'm easily hooked. Please don't stop.
uhmmm the flash. it is gone...
The suspense....It's getting into me..
I hope you update because i really like the story...
Mira has dragon claws
Congratulations!!!! :D
Yay!!! Thank you for updating!!!!
Wow this is my second time that a comic I fav+ and updated a long time!!!
I'm so lucky... I'll like many comic so it would update again :3
Hahah... i put this comic in my favorites yesterday and i like the story!!!
Save the fox
Simone help him!!!
Don't get turned on!