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Happy new years!!! (I'm also late at saying this to everyone)...

Btw why do your eyebrows look really good? I'm serious, I wanna touch em \(*o*)/
It's cause you look sexeh (>//<) But since you like like girls, wear rainbow bracelets or a anything lgbt to make em back off.
I loooove your haircut, you look so cooool :3
Whaaaaa? That's what it means? O.O I actually it meant kisses too (O///O)
I've just though of a brilliant plan. Do that to all straight guys that have a gf, if we're lucky more girls for us, mwahaha make em fear their girlfriends xD
I have never kissed a girl before :( like proper kissed (I've pecked on the cheek and like a few time on the mouth but you know like you'd do as a greeting in europe...never real kisses). Have you made out with a girl yet? What's it like? Please tell me it's nothing great so I wont cry in a corner for missing out >///<
I don't blame you, I would have googled that too cause I don't know what it is but that you for mentioning what it is... I don't wanna be seeing piercings of a guy's blegh... >///<
I'm styding psychology and I haven't studies gay/lesbian theories but I have read about nature vs nurture and from that I can honestly say being gay/lesbian is not mutation, it's mostly nurture (meaning the environment/media/the way we're raised) affected our form of affection/attraction. A real example to prove this, I have a friend who has twins as friends and one is a lesbian while the other is straight, they are exactly alike genetic wise and yet one of them is gay, proof that it's not genetic.

And now for a very private theory, I'm pretty sure back in the days before history was born, back before the first calender was made, a civilization existed and gay/lesbian couples were not called that, there was no name for it because there was no need to. It was a civilization where couples were just couples. And then the a huge comet hit and everyone was wiped out. We had to start from the beginning and unfortunately the only people left to rebuild civilization weren't the most smart ones which is why we now have labels on everything (o.o)
I have this theory, guys that are ignorant or act ignorant deep down in their unconscious I bet they know that girls have another option other than guys and that probably freaks them out and that's why they try and over-analyse everything and try and think of reasons why it shouldn't work for a lesbian couple, they'll never admit it but doesn't it make sense with the way they act. Why else would they be so ignorant/against lesbian couples?
You would make an awwwwwesome gf, marshmellow gun? That pure genius >.<
Never had a gf before
I don't mind if I end up with a psycho, I just want to experience having a gf for once. 21 years and never once dated one :'3 It's too sad >///<
That last panel... has turned me gay.. O.O just remembering it *shudder* >.<
I am sooo in love with this webcomic <3
October 22nd, 2014
Kyaa! <3
Omg you updated, i had no idea <3 I'm totally jumping in the air right now xD