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because i'm shallow!
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Show must go oooon!
one THOUSAND!! good work
aww i'm all caught up. keep 'em coming!
oh the thing, yes the fireworks the fireworks thing, you wouldnt get it, better not think more about this
999 huh
FIIIIIIIREEEEEEEE! *techno music intensifies*
Favorite caracter... faaavorite caraaaacter. Yeah no i havent been able to pick one of those yet. For what it's worth so far so good on malking the lot interesting. Gonna be fun to see what you've got coming up.
Hueeeehh! Is so sweet.. And mildly creepy. Also Reece.
eeeeaaaaauuuhhh wind.. resistance.
full mom scold all around, it's a scary thing.
Onooo, poochy D:
QUICK! awkwardly smalltalk your way out of it!
"hello there, officer. fine weather today!"
gotta love those two, tho.
too harsh on yourself, it's a fine page!
get well soon!
Rachel on the last panel tho, Gold.
what a good page this is.
top kek. you best not!
i'll be upsetti in the sphagetti if i dont get me precious eevee Milo. you wouldnt like me .. upsetti, in the. sphagetti.
@AgentNein: damn, that's like 11 hours too much schooling for one day that, good luck dude! caffeine is friend!
these are the most cheerful caracters i've seen in any comic, ever.
i mean this is fuckin basic monday shit right here, look gloomy answer with 100% sass and give no fucks. i love it, and it also reminds me it's monday tomorow.
..mondayyy, yaaaaay.