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Internet, videogames, book. That's my hobbies

School, job. That's what happens

I love fantasy, sci-fi, lovestories, BL and Yaoi. FURRIES
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OMG they just... fit so well
ok what the hell
April 7th, 2016
Alright now that's just wrong. You don't look into people's sketchbooks without permission. It's personal
I did NOT just think of the weird object in Dragosh's pants.
It's BEAUTIFUUUL *starry eyes*
Oh my heart is a-fluttter. Ivo is such a great person :D
Yep. Yep. Yup.
Ooooohhh I want some of that 'shroom : 3 It looks great
*snorts disgracefully*
OH COME ON Dragosh. You have a WATERFALL. And BOWLS. And all kind of commodities. You could've had the decence to clean up after yourself
Oh hey, a flashback
Dude. Your hand. Seriously.

Scars should be mapped with the mouth, everyone knows that
...before he descides to heat you up himself
Well I sure do.
Duuuuude, selfish as f*CK
Awww, look at his star-struck face <3
I kind of was awsking myself the same thing XD
OMG I know this is important story-wise but I can't focus on anything else than Dragosh's blade... I think I MIGHT BE FANgirling
April 6th, 2016
@yasha.queen: Absolutely.