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POTATO! That is all, Cary on your merry little way OvO
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Lol I love this guy
Hey now I'm sure you'll get that all back, It's not your fault alright? People can't expect you to ALWAYS update when they want you to... You have a job and a life to they need to understand that.

Trust me MK, I'll be sticking here till the end :)
Oh man.. poor Harvey..
This is to cute
I'm thinking the pain killers are for his injured leg and yeah I'm betting he's going to buy condoms and lube lol
Damn sooch, You fuckin tiney but mighty XD

But honestly I love how he's making the effort to get closer little by little.
Oh Horus no... That would be docking lol
@wedward45 page 25 I think is when it happened.
No when she had the pitchfork at his throught it nicked him.
You just take care of yourself first and foremost! Take care and good luck with everything, Nieidanine!
Im just sitting here like... internally screaming, HOW ARE THEY NOT FREAAKING OUT WTF OMG
March 19th, 2018
There friendship is amazeing.

And I'm glad your feeling better but still, please take it easy!
ahhh I understand that call was put through a lot by Maxwell but this greatly concerns me... Oh man.... hope these boys know what they're walking into here
Do he got the booty?
He do got the booty.
I love how Callum is concerned over what Max had done while Ave is just like 'i need a shower" like man His psyche must be pretty bad right now.... and the rest omg same guys same... 'Oh fuck, oh fuuck, oh fuck"
Hey, that is perfectly fine in not being comfortable with that type of thing, it's completely fine! You do what is comfortable for you! Do what makes you comfortable! The comic will be amazing either way!
Holy fuuuuccckkk... Oh man.. oh man Ave... That's gunna fuck up his psyche big time omg..