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There friendship is amazeing.

And I'm glad your feeling better but still, please take it easy!
ahhh I understand that call was put through a lot by Maxwell but this greatly concerns me... Oh man.... hope these boys know what they're walking into here
Do he got the booty?
He do got the booty.
I love how Callum is concerned over what Max had done while Ave is just like 'i need a shower" like man His psyche must be pretty bad right now.... and the rest omg same guys same... 'Oh fuck, oh fuuck, oh fuck"
Hey, that is perfectly fine in not being comfortable with that type of thing, it's completely fine! You do what is comfortable for you! Do what makes you comfortable! The comic will be amazing either way!
Holy fuuuuccckkk... Oh man.. oh man Ave... That's gunna fuck up his psyche big time omg..
I have a very bad feeling about this oh man..
I just found this today and began reading through it and honestly it was so beautiful, I really wasn't expecting this ending, I'm in tears, This was a really sweet read, I'll be reading it over and over I'm sure :')
December 29th, 2017
Woah okay there prickcaso McDouche.. hands off Sooch..

Hopefully Howie comes to the rescue or Sooch kicks his ass himself.
December 28th, 2017
After re rereading this for the third time do I finally notece what is on the Blue pills, The little heart shapes unless I'm just imagining things lol
December 23rd, 2017
Hia, Just thought you should know that this page isint showing up, It says; "Bad Image Source"

Just incase you didn't know or anything.
December 23rd, 2017
Oh man..
Liam has a very punchbowl face...
Well jack dose have a point... People who don't smoke should be able to enter the building without having to breathe in second hand smoke.. and it dose look bad when there crowded out front, every place I've worked the smoke break area was out side around back, as for costom they just went to the parking lot near the curb to smoke.
Poor Simon.. I can't stop thinking how Tired he must be when I look at his eyes here... And his poor mum to :(
December 17th, 2017
Jerome.exe has stoped responding
LAWD Please send halp for him :C
Oh Ave, No bby don't go alone!
At least tell someone!
Takeing a break is a good thing, Please take care of yourself!