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pets, guitar hero, The Office, Lost, Star Trek The Next Generation

I tend to draw most of my artwork Friday-Sunday.

I draw some weeknights as well.

I work at a Web Company in Virginia, We build Websites and such. Receptionist/Graphic Artist/Photographer is my job. :-) hahaha what a great combo right? I think so.

I've never tried to draw a comic before, so Something Never Said is my first time. I hope to get better as I go along, so in the future it may look a little different... not style wise though... if that makes any sense... oh n/m.
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loved it
best comic :)
lol cute :)
Lost Job
Thanks... currently I am without a scanner. I was borrowing my previous scanner from my Employer at the time, so now I am scanner less... I will be drawing pictures in the meantime while I am awaiting my scanner to come.

Thanks for the comments. I will try and entertain you in the future... :)
February 3rd, 2009
everything looks great!
lovely art :)
Thanks everyone
The scary humming chick took me an episode of seinfeld to do. I really didn't know how else to convey her... as you can see I am not so good at drawing horror, which my story has quite a few scenes of.
lol... this morning my cat wouldn't leave me alone. he kept purring and keading at me. What a pain... oh at 4 am.
thanks :) hair and eyes r my favorite to draw.

compared to the original page...

if you look through the old ones the story will differ a little... this time around I wanted to make the story easier to read...
three dog night Shambala
I'm on that road...
I tried to make fuzzy fancy gemmed slippers on her feet, plus she was standing in the pool of blood the woman was in so they are bloody looking... I guess ^^ lol

Thanks, why does death have to be ugly? I say no... it does not! lol
January 27th, 2009
very nice :)
Thank you, ^^
January 23rd, 2009
lol reminds me of my cat
lol, I think this is great. It will take me awhile to look through all of these comics :) Thanks for Sharing :)
Check Out Something Never Said for my Comic. ^^
page 6
Most likey you will be hit with a new page tomorrow as well. ^^

Oh I can't wait until tomorrow, why... because LOST is back!!! Now I have something to be crazy about again for awhile.

I LOVE BEN AND LOCKE ^^ I know I am crazy... if anyone else is excited about LOST HOLLAR AT ME!
January 20th, 2009
I love colored comics... and yes bricks are a pain in the ass....
January 20th, 2009
Thanks, keep up the good work and I will def. come and read. I love when people keep posting something... be it a filler or w/e. ^^;;