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Fey Prevesk
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That is a good page. ^_^
I despise my facial hair. I can't wait until I can afford to start laser so I can begin the process of never having to shave my bloody (thankfully not often literally anymore) face again.
Is it just me or is that pill gigantic? I thought it was a basketball at first. O_O
There's a reason I make it clear that I am more than willing to utterly destroy anyone who messes with me. I may not be very strong, but I know quite well how to cause pain. I honestly hope I never have to do it, though.
@GreenKrog: Definitely. It always saddens me when someone can't even count on their own family to be there for them. It makes me very thankful that my family is completely supportive of me, and that I was 28 by the time I came out to them (and everyone else I know, excepting the handful that I came out to a few years ago when I finally realized that I was trans) and started my transition.
@GreenKrog: That last line really *is* depressing. I can't even imagine trying to transition at that age, let alone with an unsupportive family. I imagine it would be very difficult and likely painful.
Agreed. Be who you are, love who you are, the opinions of others do not matter.
I haven't played arcade shooters in a long time, I was always more of a fighting game kind of girl (well, that and DDR, I was *definitely* an arcade rat, though). I've certainly done my share of reimagining myself when playing games, though. :3
@GreenKrog: I think it's the pair of keys that did it, I've never needed two of a house key. XD
I a officially jealous. I'm 29 and I've still never had the opportunity to learn to drive, let alone have someone give me a car. XD
Fey Prevesk
September 28th, 2013
I feel like there's probably a medical term for *hearing* color. XD
I know exactly nothing about sports. Cute comic today, though. ^_^
@GreenKrog: I know the feeling, though I still never seem to have a problem (I also keep up with Validation. =3).

I used to have a good reference for skin tones. If I can find it again, I'll link it to you.
Am I seriously like the only one that just never had any problems tucking?

As for what colors I thought people would be, I tend to just go by the shading used. Since no one had been shaded up until very recently, I just assumed everyone was white until otherwise indicated.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: I'm not sure it's so much that Bill doesn't understand the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, as he's likely never heard of gender identity in the first place (I don't remember it ever being mentioned in his presence, I could be wrong though). Until very recently, as we (trans* folk) have become much more visible in society at large, I'm quite certain most people who didn't actively deal with us had no idea what gender identity was at all. Hopefully one day the concept will be well known enough that this confusion stops happening for the most part (I'm sure there will always be holdouts in bigotry).

Let's see if the link works when I copy/paste it from the site.

Edit: Nope.

Edit 2:

Edit 3: Also, I kinda wanna strangle Bill right now. >.>
Futurama quotes, a recipe for instant win. ^_^
@GreenKrog: I haven't played DDR in years now, and I was still living as a guy when I did, but I've always been pretty small, only slightly above the various averages for women in America, so I have been very lucky.

I've never done any tournaments, I was never quite *that* good, but I'm not at all bad at my fighting games (the SNK games were always my favorites: Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown, King of Fighters), I'm just not particularly competitive. I definitely was never one of those "push masculinity to the max to hide from the trans" types. ^_^
@GreenKrog: I don't think any of the arcades in my area ever had that one. If they did, I never tried it. I was always more of a fighting game and DDR girl in my arcade days. ^_^
I don't know that we have anything like that in the US anymore, certainly not in my area. I did enjoy Hydro Thunder before the local arcades all died though. =3
@GreenKrog: Very true. Someone's appearance can often hide who they really are. =3

I'm very thankful that I never really had that stage of transition as such. I came out to a handful of my friends a few years ago, when I finally understood what I am, but by the time I began my transition I'm sure the few I still kept contact with had long forgotten, and a combination of good luck with genetics and not having been particularly heavily masculinized to begin with (a completely supportive family definitely hasn't hurt, either), when I did finally start my transition I went from always being seen as a guy to always being seen as a girl by all but the most stubborn and unsupportive of folks within the span of one month.

I can't imagine how difficult it would be to try to transition and deal with the difficulties of high school and a heavily masculinized body at the same time, especially without a supportive family. My heart always goes out to the trans folks starting in their late teens (even if they're lucky enough to not have suffered too heavily at the claws of puberty)and those starting later in life, who often have an incredible amount to lose.