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Thanks for all the good pages the past few years. I hope you are still considering releasing a summary of what was to come.
In retrospect that eye kind of reminds me of Dusknoir.
I'm shocked how quickly people are abandoning the Avis-Rodney ship for the Stacha-Rodney ship.
The ruse cruise never ends.
I love how relaxed Avis looks right now. She's always in crazy situations so it's kind of funny to see her not about to be attacked.
Poor Avis. She'll never be able to run on those stubby little legs.
Poor Silver, always so wrong.
What'd you mean brainwashing? I thought all Oshawotts had hair tuffs and regularly portioned bodies...

Wait a second.
Dragon Day? I'd say D-Day but that's already taken. I feel like there is something wrong with building a statue for yourself. If someone actually deserves a statue then others would propose the idea or just make it. You would have to be pretty conceited to not only order making yourself a statue but also not realize how egotistical it is.
@PJSam: One appears to be a Ditto. The other is probably a Zoroark.
Poor Avis, if she were quicker on her feet she could have lied her way out of this one. It would have been pretty funny to see how those two would react if Avis lied right back at them with some ridiculous story.
I'm surprised Jen didn't comment.
I feel like she is trolling them.
We are so close to victory!
All I can think of is the scene from Emperor's New Groove with the waterfall.
Little does Silver know that handshake was covered with a deadly toxin and will kill him.
Being Ra is an adventure.
I wager whatever Victini did has turned a lot of Pokemon into shadow Pokemon, who have since started attacking places.