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Video game fanatic.
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What is that from?
I've only seen "Superman Returns".
Lol. Yes!!!
lol. What is shiggy?
He he. Stupid mii. To the trash we ye!
lol. I showed this to Ty but he didn't really get it but I do.
This thing got me too.
I was like "Hell yah!!! Mushroom Kindom Hearts, And its on the Wii too!!! Must get when comes out!!!".
Now I feel kinda stupid.
That game is soo pointless.
I love the theme song though.
Lol. That would be so cool though."Ahhh!!! Here comes <Insert name here> With his chainsaw!!! Don't kill me!!!" *Scene from Resident evil 4*
Ha ha.
I know! Use your now gained groovy energy to get out!
If only if only.
It messes with there communications with the tower. (I think)
Run Indiana run!!!
I don't get it.
Thats great.