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It was amazing!
So adorable!
January 7th, 2019
Oh that's too bad, but personal things happen.
Hope this year brings you all the good things and that maybe you'll come back to comics someday.
October 2nd, 2018
so sweet :D
Hope you're feeling alright and that your eye doesn't hurt a lot.
July 5th, 2018
He's probably going to hit her with a pillow next...
Love this comic :D
This is so adorable, zo sweet...omg
Don't worry about the comic, life always comes first.
Take good care of yourself
December 4th, 2017
Amazing story! Sad that it's over but happy to have been reading it.:)
December 2nd, 2017
So sad :( (by the way, the page appears to be posted twice?)
Hope you're doing okay *hug*
June 16th, 2017
I love question duck
"I'm helping him sue the human race"
January 13th, 2017
So glad to hear from you :) Hope this year will be a good one for you.
This is so fetch!
The mark of cain is already looking great :) btw:page 16 is posted multiple times?