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Everyfing, Anyfing & Nofing.
I like to draw, read comic/manga, and i'm a quiet and kind person.
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Hope little joshua feels better!
Congrats on the little human! Glad to see you will be updating soon! Can't wait!
Awesome ^3^
Glad to see your updating more frequently!
i always wondered, do most of your friends and family know about your comic???
Upload more ;-; pleaase
wait is the song they're listening to a real song??? or did you make it up??? :O
This is the cutest thing i ever read. I love the idea and i think the couple is cute. when I read that it might be badly draw i was a bit worried, but the art is nice. Keep updating! Cant wait!
Where have you been??? DDD;
What do you guys always argue about???
Heee Heee. ^___^ So there blue. :D
Why are his eyes always closed??? :O
Nice page, but i think you should have made this into two pages, it would have had a bigger effect. One page showing them pissed and getting closer to each other then the second page for them to kiss.
DammiT!!! And it was getting good. xD Your comic is awesome, just started reading it. ^___^ Can't wait for the update. I look forward to this unique adventure. :D
This comic reminds me quite a bit of this manga called "Love Neco". It's cool though. ^___^