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Hello! I’m Tâm! It’s nice to meet you! Thank you for stumbling onto my comics!
I’m a full-time comic book writer and artist. I like desserts (especially ice cream!), tigers, and of course drawing.

ZODIAK is my first ever multi-issue story. Each issue has 24 full-colored pages. The story has been in my mind for a long time, but I seriously began to pursue publishing and sharing it in 2017. I even began my own publishing label- Teal Lion Comics.
ZODIAK is the type of story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius guard the 12 Zodiac Stones, unfortunately, Scorpio has been banished from the Zodiac Council, and stripped of his ice powers. He’s on a mission to steal the Zodiac Stones in order to reclaim his place. However, the stones have been scattered all across Italy. It’s up to Aries, Leo and Sagittarius to gather them once again before the Spring Equinox.

Each page will be uploaded on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you happen to support me on Patreon, you will get some awesome swag, including the first 3 issues of ZODIAK that are already completed! And behind the scenes content, stickers, magnets, digital art and more!
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Ah yes... don’t worry I know.. I’m just a bum and I haven’t taken care of it yet. Haha I definitely appreciate it tho! Thank you so much for reading! 😁😁
It’s been brought to my attention that I post a lot of art, but not a whole lot of story content for Zodiak.
Well I’m still not sure where to begin with here’s a picture with all the female characters of Zodiak.

Let’s start from left to right.
Virgo- she is the mother of Leo, first wife of Capricorn. The Gemini twins- Castor and Pollux also come from her side of the family. She is an Earth sign. Although I won’t spoil her power just yet. She used to be in the Zodiac Council, but after Capricorn left her, she packed up and moved to America. In Zodiak #4 it is shown that she is pregnant. So maybe Leo has a little sibling?? She’s a fashionista, and enjoys doing her make up, and loooves all sorts of different shoes.

Aries- She’s a fire guardian. Oldest sister of Taurus and Cancer. When Orion asked for volunteers to guard the Zodiac Stones on Earth, she was the first one to volunteer. She’s often impulsive, and flirts with just about any guy she meets. Her power is creating fireballs (she’s too impatient to learn how to manifest her fire ram just yet).

Cancer- the youngest sister of Aries and Taurus. She lives in Venice and is the newest and youngest member of the Zodiac Council. She’s got self-confidence issues, but she’s living in Venice to learn how to use her water controlling powers. She likes to dye her hair, and hopes to become as brave and smart as her sisters.

Taurus- Is the middle sister between Aries and Cancer. She lives in Pisa where she is going to school. She used to be good friends with Scorpio and Aquarius. And possibly even had romantic feelings for Scorpio before he was banished from the Council. She is able to create gollums made of plants and earth.

Libra- Sagittarius’ mother, Capricorn’s second love interest. She is the first of three Elders of the Zodiac Council. (Pisces and Aquarius being the other two). She is most loyal to Orion, and defends His decisions 100%. Her power is weather control.

My hopes for Zodiak is that it brings the reader a sense of hope and purpose. Even when life is hard and we face trials, that through our faith in God, ourselves, our friends or our family we can always overcome.
There are themes of Faith, Doubt, Death, Life, love, Hate... and most of all forgiveness.
I hope you’ll continue to support Zodiak :3
I’m just super proud that I was finally able to make a character height sheet with cute poses, reasonable proportions, and decent coloring. I laminated this sucker and hung it above my desk to remind myself how far I’ve come as an artist.
I hope you like this chapter! Thank you for reading!
Ah this looks super cute! I'm going to follow this one! :3