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BA in Graphic Design holder
Love Yaoi / shounen-ai
Loves the Hubs (husband), Nemmy & Pantsy (my cats); sleeping, eating, & reading comics/gay stories all day...for the most part.
I have MDD, PTSD & IBS which makes life a little hard. Works for the state depth of revenue, which makes life a lil boring.

Hoping to have my first book published in 2020!
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February 28th, 2019
For some it makes you more honest what's in your head and process things you normally wouldn't calmly
*wiggles* yeeeeeeeeessssssssss
October 2nd, 2018
Eh I functioned a whole semester on 1-4 hrs of sleep lol sooch just needs a large coffee! Or 10... he'll be fine!
I just need more of this! My need for this comic is everlasting!
Even just a reassuring firm hand on the thigh or forearm would convey he cares without the need for a hug. I just dont see the hug happening right now in their relationship but a touch could mean a lot right now without over stepping boundaries.
July 1st, 2018
Looks like french braids to me lol totally not weird....
90+ and 80+% humidity in IL totally get it lol

They're so cute it makes my heart hurt cuz my gut says something bads going to happen... or maybe I've watched too much Walking Dead...
Scotty doesnt know! Scotty doesnt know! Don't tell Scotty, cuz Scotty doesnt know! 🎶
OK so I really hope you guys don't end up hating me for this, but I've decided to cease With Brush and Guitar from smackjeeves.Com

I've been a homoerotic rper since 2005 and as of Dec my two main partners kinda got interrupted by life. So I started writing a book. I've got 110 pages out of 250/300. I'm planning on an ebook only release, coded and put together by me and a cover by me. I'm not sure yet about how I'm going to publish but I'm gathering my resources for when the time comes.

Its working title is "All For You". Its a story that takes place from 1700s to 2000s following the life of Daedaleus Dallion- a soon to be assassin guild boss/top assassi elf- and Alec Raudhan -a herbalist kelpie- and every problem they run into from Dal'sighed life that's trying to keep them apart.

Theres humor, love, heartbreak and adventure. Pg13-R rated homoerotic situations.

A hopefully all around good read.

If the book does well or not, With Brush and Guitar will be next that I try to publish. I've actually have 4 more stories I want to tell by myself and a couple with my partners.


Now all I've got for editors are my best friends (people who don't really have time to read, let alone cue me in on changes) and my hubs (got 4 pgs in and quit cuz his mind can't process the internal movie one gets while reading a book). So I've got feedback that they like it but I need people I can trust who can read, which is where I'd like to set the offer here.

I can't pay you but I can give you a free finished copy of the book in any digital format you would like- pdf, kindle, nook- for doing me this favor. I would need a couple people to read through for clarity, cohesiveness, and grammar errors. As well as any parts you believe are redundant or unnecessary to progressing the story.

If you are interested please pm me here or leave a comment below. I'll go off time stamp to be fair if there's lots of interest. I'll also have you sign a small contract stating you wont distribute the finished or unfinished product, nor leak any information just as I had with my friends and hubs. I know that makes me untrusting but, it's a necessary evil.

I want to thank everyone who subscribed and followed me on here. This is not the end for Rylee or Oreru in the least. Your patience and loyalty has been a huge accessory to my writing of this and not just to give up on their story when drawing blocks happened. I appreciate everyone of you and you have my greatest thanks for being here when it began.

I just can't seriously thank you enough.

If you would like to follow any progress of the future finished product of this and my current book please follow I hope to have a twitter up and to start a blog but right now working for my states revenue office full time and writing Dal's story in my free time, the deviantart is what I'm working with.
It's that hot white magical cum. *nods*
@Seve: I actually was told that outlook is more mentally healthy by my therapist. That we are survivors. Never victims. Calling yourself a victim meant that you were weak and powerless to stop it. While that is kinda true, we were also strong enough to get out of the situation and know that it was wrong. That we need to take these bad experiences and use them with the good in life to help build us up stronger. We were not weak. We are resilient and fighters.
It never fails lol
let me feed you.
OK I'll leave right after this.
*Steamy kissing after or during eating*
Ok but just the kisses then I'm leaving.
*Kisses lead to dry humping.*
I really probably should go.
Humping leaves to sex*
*It won't hurt to get my rocks off, he's good looking.
*Ends up staying til morning*
@Seve: yea I did something similar with my last ex after 3 mo of him raping me, I just gathered all my shit while he was sleeping in and then high tailed it out.
And that's when they pack up his shit, dump it on the curb, change the locks, get a restraining order and get a lawyer.
Damn Zi, where your balls at man?! Get creative!
@ShadowThorn: spn fan?? The dear chuck gave it away lol
February 20th, 2018
Should had known lol
Yay! Day 2 starts on my bday! What a great present! <3
Harvey is so smitten already!
February 6th, 2018
Yahuh, suture you're not going...