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August 23rd, 2008
uuu the art is colourful and so the backgrounds so intricately detailed it immediately draws you in~ ahh that profileee is LOVE! <3<3 i can't wait to read more! * U * !!
sorry about the late update >:
lol this page sucks so bad TnT; my excuse to draw skulls >: bad ones at that!
the above link is the contest journal that shows all the contestants that joined my contest

here from back left to right is felidae and hairu.
from front left to right is arafen and jonas.

they're adorable lil apprentices no? xD; this was so had to ink i got to tired and i just really hated drawing those goddamn candles *death* enjoy~ hopefully i'll have more pages up sooner than the last update kdlfjdaljfiewo!
December 30th, 2007
The first few pages are merely explanation and background~ please bare with me! ;D thanks! <3
Elliot Howards
This is the first of three main characters.
oh dear I finally finished this page D: i shall work on the next one >u< thank you for all the support! ilu guys! <333

LOOKY! IT'S HER DADDY~!! <333 ehehehehehehehehe!

sorry about the weird transition between the panels. I drew the second panel a long time ago and um i tried to keep the style constant in the first and last panel xD;;; *shot* enjoy~!!!
Remember! Read right to left 8D! <3

I can't draw feet OTL omg it's so weird looking TAT!!!

I adore Beahl, don't you? hehehehe Ioannes is trying to not sound too happy about the "pretty boys" 8D

okay as I mentioned, Beahl (pronounced Bell) and Io are just master and familar nothing more even if Beahl is mad in love with him xD!
This is a rather old piece but quite fitting for a cover page, no? :D -is lazy to draw Ioannes again- TAT;

read the first chapter of the story here!
why hello there!
Introducing the helllord himself! 8D! Now apprentices, don't get jealous! Beahl's Ioannes' familiar and nothing more. He's a raven in his human form :D! Still trying to work on the next few pages TAT;!
Thank you for the 100 + fans!
My apologies on the lack of updates. It's exams or hw keeping me away from drawing. ; w ; !! This is a rather old oekaki but I love it so I'm using it as a thankyou page~ Thank you guys for all the support! I will try to start inking pages again because I really like this story alot. Fio and I are really happy everyone else likes it too! <3 much love thank you! 100 fans ;3; wow!

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:> danya's pretty no?
:> i drew one more page to apologize for my lack of updates these few weeks. I'm so happy you guys are enjoying this story! <3 This page is sweet and cute :> just chibis~! enjoy! enjoy!

vote plz lol shameless plug
please don't click on the link if you don't want to vote. I don't want to force you to vote xD; <33 thank you!
I was too lazy to ink Top's cloak black but I like the clean look of this page. the first panel wasn't all that good though ;A;

remember to vote for me~ only if you want of course >A<;;

if you haven't already! <3

wah sorry for the delay! My summer has been hectic and I managed, however, to sketch out the entire chapter one but the inking is still to be done! Soon i'll have a contest after chapter 2 so please wish me luck! ;A;! Oh my, 64 fans!

lol a majority of the people thought danya was a guy, nope :> danya's a lady~ my first girl main character! 8D Oh em gee! please enjoy!!!
keep up the amazing work, dear <3 I can't wait to see more!
aw congrats :>
I love this adorable oekaki <3
LOL isn't it? <3333 sankyuu dear~
I love these two bickering like a couple xDD
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I'm sorry for the bad quality of this page. The PNG file went over the limit and I had to use a JPEG file instead. TAT;
Please enjoy. I am so happy for all the comments! 33 fans! Thank you so much! <333

Please vote for my comic,if you wish to ;A; it would be very much appreciated! thank you so much!
Oh thank you two! ;A;!! This story was rather impulsive but fiofio dear has made it so much more exciting to draw! :]
Hello! TAT homg 18 fans~ I am so happy right now! Thank you so much everyone for your comments! If you have questions about this comic, not about plot of course, then please comment on my news post on the home page. Thanks. :]
LOL I LOVE THIS, DEAR~ *brick'd for lack of comments* XD
oh the character expression~ you have lotsa strong dialogue it's amazing :] YES YAY FOR AWESOME DIALOGUE! <333