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Hello, I'm Krystle, manga artist and animator. My current manga/animation project is Wolf Brothers/Rookie in my DA website (including sell my manga for anime con) but here I want to share with you all is my old manga project only, which is very old style of mine XP;; Hehehe, well, I hope you'll enjoy my storyline. =^w^=
hahah... Sorry for being late coz i'm very busy in IRL and other main projects i'm working on it ^^; Enjoy!
Yay, new comic from Lina-chan 8DDD
*awww, saw ur reply to your fan/friend about thanking me to make your motivation's back =D

Looking forward to read it =D
Phew... This page... It takes me forever for ink and colouring @_@;;
@LinaEl: Aww, no problem, dear! *hug* It's good to see ur manga back X3 <3 Now it's my turn to return my WB back, lol!
Finally, you came back X333 <3 Fufufufu~ It seems so improved this time, Lina-chan!
Heh, show off XD;;
Awww, Ken made a little girl cry ^x^;; He didn't mean to...
@AngelicaAgelviz: hehehe, I agreed with you XD Vincent always like to tease Ken sometimes =P