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Hi! My name is Gaia "MIX" N., i am 16 year old and i will be 17 in November this year, i am 4'11" feet tall, i have straight dark-ish brown hair, pale skin, and black eyes. I usually wear purple glasses and tie my hair in a ponytail or braid. You can usually find me typing something at a computer - usually something Pokèmon\My Little Pony\Homestuck related, but other things do come up sometimes. I go to a small psychology high-school in Palermo, Italy. I hope to become a famous artist sometime in the future, and by artist i mean comic-book artist or cartoonist.
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It's not color names anymore!
@Namm_killazilla: The protagonists are named Hilbert and Hilda, and the one who you are playing as, lives next to an young man named Cheren, and an young woman named Bianca, and you meet the other player character when you use the Battle Subway.
@Le Jelleh: The names in the credits are referring to the PokeSpe Dex Holders? If so, would'nt that mean "Mudkipz" is actually Berlitz' first name? "Mudkipz Berlitz"... uhm.
September 13th, 2013
@Draken: Well, in Gold\Silver and Diamond\Pearl you cannot exactly say it because Newbark Town and Twinleaf Town have houses with minor NPCs inside. (Minor means that they do not get a name or an unique appearance)

Pallet Town, Littleroot Town, and Nuvema Town are trickier, but these "homeless" people might actually be living at the rival's (either as family, assistants, or room-mates) or in the Professor's lab (which could easily provide shelter for people, and already seems to do that for the assistants). Or simply Law of Conservation of Detail: look at Unova s' map; Nuvema there only shows the player s' house and the lab, Nuvema in the games shows Cheren and Bianca s' houses. In the anime, many in-game cities get all-new inhabitants, and previously-unmentioned cities and places get featured. Hollywood, Acapulco, Tokyo, and Sir Aaron s' medieval-Europe-like kingdom, are all in Kanto or near it.