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I'm a potato on the internet who started off here 4 years ago now with some now-deleted comics. Nowadays, In terms of comic making I am slowly beginning to draw more - but in the form on animations, on my YouTube channel. A new webcomic here though, should arrive...soon, to say the least.

I made something that's a comment
@hitkid96fan: Welp, thanks, at any rate. Maybe I'm just biased on myself or something lmao. :p
(Also yeah, I checked out some screenshot LPs on that place you mentioned. Actually pretty coolio, heh.)
Wow...holy wow. this was an experience, to say the least. Looking back on this, only 3 years ago this was the comic I was the most proud of and...holy flip, I can barely remember actually making this, its honestly kind of surreal looking back on something I forgot I made in the longest time.

And my god, it's BAD.'s a whole new level of laziness just seeing how I went as far as to literally just use DS screencaps for panels like the world's worst lets-player, and not knowing the flip about how to actually sprite. 3 years later, I guess I finally know what I'm doing, I animate, make music and all this stuff but I cant get into comics. I guess I like animating a scene out more then drawing it out. 11-year old Quirbo may have definitely deserved a 1...but I remember even back then telling myself that I can do better.

And I guess I've done that.

Moral of Story Here? : If you get mad at yourself over a review of something, as long as you still put effort in to actively trying to improve, you will. Just keep on trying. Which makes this the first time in half a year I've touched this site, and uh...thanks. Peace out. \.o./

edit : I also may or may not be tired writing this but I hope you get the point. :>
for reference I'm probably shorter than 8bit irl which is kinda sad lol
either way
I swear to god why
@plasma_knight303: its fine
its like a constant reminder of how weird DOMP was and still can kinda be (when it's active)
either way if you're going to post comments put on the really cringy stuff alright thanks
@plasma_knight303: trust me I'm getting the emails
I'm realizing J U S T how flippin cringe 2014 DOMP as a whole (mostly) was :/

just looking back on this


@plasma_knight303: ...oh god, I'm getting PTSD memories from flipping quirbit
why must you make me remember this
@Yoskichu: i'll agree with you on this one, yoskichu - looking back on this I'm really not fond of it either, lol
I haven't posted in a month? The shrek are you talking about...
@EXFalchion: so that's what youe been doing in steam.

Maybe I should actually take this seriously. Maybe that 10 minutes of le research I should put to good use. /.-./

Also, how are you adding the outlines to the characters? The way I've been doing it is already kinda slow so uh
ey boi
after I saw scratch's animation, I realized I had like
6 frames or so of animation in the thing I was doing before it was done.
thus, it's finished, with ehh voice acting and framebyframe animation. :o
@TimeSceo: @Punchy: Yes , and cartridges could hurt it depends on the speed of the throw.

ok, I just threw a cartridge at my face at about the same speed, it hurts. probably because the thing is square, either way it made a sound while it hit my head lol
I said I wouldn't do a joke comic format, but this just
Well, to me. Eh \.-./
oh flip
I should -actually- start mine.
@hitkid96fan: >neither are updated
>controller died
>parents are using TV with PS3 connected
WELP, this might take awhile, but thanks!