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Kelgrinn Krusader
Gonna Make a Guess
I'm going to guess that the queen is just exploring her kingdom and meeting the people she rules in a more informal setting.

On another note, it's sort of odd (in a good way) to see Ryuko and the queen getting along like this if you think about how they were enemies up until the very end of the last chapter, but I guess the queen can't really afford to get into arguments with the last dragon under her command.

On another, another note, I was wondering, what is your favorite genre? So far you've written a DBZ parody that was mostly single page stories, a fantasy, a western, and then you have that post-apocalyptic story.
Look Again
@edgeblade: Well, in the second to last panel she is wearing shorts, so it looks like she came prepared.
A New Comic
@paTTTy: I think it's great that you've started a new comic since this one seems to be reaching its conclusion. So few people ever actually finish their stories and even fewer start a new major project like you've done with Rock'n'Roll Children.

You're obviously motivated, so I was wondering, are you planning on doing this professionally in the future?
You're back!
It's good to see that you're posting again. Welcome back. :D
Request Picture
I guess I can't take Taseli up on that request picture he was betting. Oh well. :D Yes, I remembered.
Too Simple
@Deonis: If it were that simple, anyone who knew even an ounce of magic and carried a sword could be called a Spellsword. I'm sure it's a little bit more complicated than that. That's why it sounds interesting to me. 'Cause without anymore information, the closest thing I can compare this to would be a Sword Mage from D&D. And I know they are fun to use.
Spellsword, huh? She sounds amazing. :D I'd love to see how that works in combat.
Got What She Deserved
It figures. She needed four chains to keep him under her full control, compared to the single chains needed for most dragons. Unless she has got another trick up her (no longer existent) sleeves, it looks like her end is coming very quickly.
Bad Feeling
For some reason, I've got a bad feeling about this. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but my plot development senses are tingling.
In the future...?
Maybe this could be future versions of ten or fifteen years later...? Though their faces still look pretty much the same.
Mysterious Power Revelation
So now we'll have some idea of what's going on with Sora. Getting excited! :D
New Chapter!
And so begins the next chapter. I've been excited for this!
Random Thought
I bet the one who grabbed her is the guy she was following.
HA! Victory.
Serves ya right punk.

I was afraid he would be a whole lot tougher since the first brother very nearly beat the main characters. But it looks like Sora's surprising ability to ignore...magic, I'm guessing, was enough to catch him off guard. Hmmm...perhaps Sora's immunity is the reason he can also open chains. Enough speculating.

Anyway, it'll be great to see where they go next after escaping from this country's borders.
Kelgrinn Krusader
October 17th, 2013
Strange Logic
So wait, she's a selfish person who acts on her own interests...and that somehow ties in with how she wants to do this totally unselfish thing for her father?

Logic, people! :D She ain't got it!

Seriously, though, I like the story and art. She just seems a bit weird to me.
Well, well, well, I wasn't expecting this. Wonder if that's really what they want her for...hmmm...
@paTTTy: A chapter a month is still pretty good. I was just spoiled, I guess, 'cause when I originally was reading through this comic, you were still posting a new page every day or two.
Missed Ya
It has been a while since you last posted. I've really missed this comic.

I know I've never commented on here before, but you are a good writer and artist. I enjoy this this comic a lot.