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Artist, 23 years old, Puerto Rico. I love experimenting with styles (mainly cartoons and manga) and creating characters. I hope to share all their stories with you. Please take care of me. :3

You can check out more art by me at:
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    Angelica Agelviz R
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I got fanart! Crazyness!

The wonderful JesusRA made me this awesome-possum fanart of Fuuta! He definitely got the who spiritual aspect of the story! I love it! Thank you so much! <3 I am supremely humbled and can feel the love


As for updates, I am currently without a scanner, so the comic will be on hiatus for the upcoming months. Hopefully I can save up and buy one for Black Friday. Fingers crossed.
Sorry for the long break! I've been dealing with my Master's Degree application and portfolios, so I had to put the comic on hold for a bit. I haven't given up on this comic yet, the pages are sketched out, just need to ink them! So stay tuned, and thanks to all the fans who have remained patiently. :')
@CuteMissyCat: hahaha and the next pages are only full of more mysteries!>:)
I hope you stay tuned! Next update is on Sunday. Thanks for commenting!<3
Legs for days...
I don't know if anybody noticed, but I've been using a G-pen to ink the last couple of pages, instead of my micron pens. I feel it adds a certain line quality. Agree?

I liked designing Suki-chan and Keiko-chan. They won't be regular cast characters but I still have fun when designing my extras. They're not typically beautiful schoolgirls, but I wanted to make Fuuta's eerie pretty-boy looks even more obvious, so a lot of my girls will be a bit butch or mousy.

Well, it's been nice knowing you Suki-chan...

(Updates every Wednesday & Sunday!)
The one where Fuuta ain't having none of your nasty cursed food.

And gasp! Who stole the cupcake? Find out in the next thrilling page!

(So much drama over baked goods, you can tell I'm just having fun with this XD )

(Updates every Wednesday & Sunday!)
That Cupcake tho...
I can't draw realistic food for shit. But I'm gonna try! *determination*

I really love Kyouhei, just because that is my exact reaction whenever I see scenes like this one.xD And I think I'm finally getting a hang on drawing Fuuta at least!:D He's such a pretty boy <3

(Updates every Wednesday & Sunday!)
Blushing Schoolgirls
Sorry for the long wait! Here's page 21. Updates will be more regular in the coming weeks. :)

(Updates every Wednesday & Sunday!)
Splash Page
Curse X Prince, Volume One.


I hope you enjoy Curse X Prince. Its gonna be dark and bloody - just how I like it.

Interpret all the symbolism of the cover as you will.
Tale as Old as Time...
It took all of my willpower not to change the "Prince/Monster" text into a Beauty & the Beast reference. xD

This page almost didn't make it today on time. x'D Got the whole chapter scripted out and thumbnailed, but no actual pages done. Not even sketched out! I was literally slaving away at this page last night just to get it done in time. *I suck*

Not much to say here except this was one of the easiest pages to do thus far. Panels of text always make my life easier <3

(UPDATES every Wednesday & Sunday!)
Eden's eyebrows though <3
hey! Atleast you posted~ :) I really like his color scheme, that teal hair with the brown eyes is absolute love <3

Actually all your character color schemes are lovely <3
Curse x Prince, Volume 1.
that name tho O.o haha cute characters!
really digging the flat coloring
i am deeply disturbed that this is not flooding in likes and fans - its so good! i am really hooked on the story and characters!
im really intrigued by the story sypnosis on your profile. i look forward to reading this!
October 12th, 2015
@kcspice: And thank YOU for reading! Hope you enjoy my other comics as well! :)
October 12th, 2015
@kcspice: the style change was intentional, story-wise. Hopefully it was abrupt but also made sense within the story. Thanks for commenting!
i dont think ive stressed enough how incredibly amazing this comic is. For realsies <3 just fantastic