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Fox Fur has run out of clothes. So Wander's extra shirt and Moonlores shorts until Alphawen can pack and send her all her stuff.
Fox Fur has had a hell of a year. Yes she leveled up, but she certainly earned it. She has been back to the institute for a very short time and most of tat time has been spent having her seniors poking and prodding her translucent heavy artillery hands. She's pretty burned out.
Spar isn't right Fox Fur isn't right. Two Millennium Dragons are gone one dead the other maddened in pain. The Lair is not right. Royal Mother is incapacitated with grief. She is not right. Wind Siren is incapacitated by her mounts grief. Wind Siren is not right. What kind of happy ending is this?
Summer is Riley's little amoral dragon. Sister to Warmwind and Lan. Captain of the Coffee Smuggling Ship More Room. Since Robert quit her crew Spar has been her chief pilot. But actually Spar and Storm are Summer's best friend and I like to think the girls are the anchor that keeps Summer from sinking completely into the Dark Side. Summer in her turn is the bad influence we all need and love. And of course Summer is one of Riley's best creation. That's why I love stealing her.
Some of you might think that this ends the story arc. But it's like Cops. After the car chase and gun fight the poor cops sit for hours doing paperwork. This story is kinda headed in that direction.
So many taboos have been broken. A dragon has attacked a rider resulting in the death of another dragon. Dragon riders have fought dragons and a millennium dragon has been slain. This is going to have repercussions for quite some time.
I have been playing around with telepathic word bubbles. The color ones here and earlier are simular to the ones I used for the bats to communicate with ultra sound. This arc has been really hard to draw. I'm having a ball.
Ok it's not all the healers I know. Just all the healers Spar knows. Apothacari did not get summoned. Now I know some of you may think it was because I forgot our fairy healer. But I deny it.
Didi has not been cleared by the Dragon Lair healers to carry Spar or anyone else for that matter. As a consequence she has no saddle. Even if she had had time to go get one. Dragon riders also wear a magic cloak when they ride. It serves the same purpose as a parachute. The kids used them during their first quest to land on the mechanic's islands. Lady Hildegard makes them. Star no longer needs a cloak because like Astra says in Marion Harmon's Wearing the Cape series. "Gravity is just a guideline for me". This is the first time Spar has ridden Didi. Although having Spar on her back has been Didi's dream, I doubt this is how she pictured it.
Versa has arrived to support her sister. What the hell is going on!
Just in case anyone has forgotten Hanna, she is King Nor of the Lake Region High Elves Mom. At the end of her adventure so long ago she bonded with the dragon Neil. In the written story we see Hanna teamed up with Star.
How do you deal with a centuries old raging dragon. Spar is going to have to figure it out. But she's an Ironkeel she'll figure it out as she goes along. Those Ironkeels always do.
Two dragon babies down the crack. Can anyone guess who put them there?
Dragon Riders and their Dragons share a telepathic link. Royal Mother has a link with all dragons. That is why the Hatch where the little dragons are experiencing the world for the first time incapacitates her. Spar has a telepathic link with two dragons Ty and Didi. That's why she "heard" the telepathy before her friend Lilly did.
Spar has finally achieved her first goal as a Dragon Rider career. She is now cleared to ride her dragon Ty. But Spar is lobbying hard to be allowed to ride her second dragon Didi. Problem is Didi is not growing normally and is very small for her age. The lair healer is being very careful and is asking Spar to wait until and if Didi gets bigger.
I originally planned for the other fledglings in Spar's class to be mean to her because she was so young. Riley talked me out of that. Spar would be something of a hero to other riders. So young so accomplished they would be glad to know her. The story once I changed it fell together. Thank You Riley.
The Staff Star gives Spar is the same Staff that Gog sent to Star during Star's first Quest when Gogo got her Wizard's staff.
Common you guys never drove by yourself on your learner's permit? Spar has been flying Ty all over the place for Summer. Spar impressed Ty and Didi a a far younger age then riders usually do because she got lost and ended up on the hatching grounds during a dragon hatch. in addition to impressing a dragon at a far too young age she impressed two. As a consequence many on the council have been trying to make Spar wait until she is older post puberty. Star has been away for a year so Spar has been without her biggest advocate. Finally Spar is going to recognized as a full fledged rider.
I always liked the man. Back in his Mork and Mindy days he nearly knocked me and my sister over at JFK airport in NY. He had a big heart and he preformed with the USO. A terrible loss.
So it looks like we are going to be going to the Dragon Lair. Spar Hardbottom will be going for her first solo ceremony even though She has ridden Ty many times. Didi is very small and Spar is worried about hurting her so she wants to check with the Dragon Lair healer before she over taxes Didi by riding her. This has had the effect of making the little red dragon really blue.