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Auburn Snow
This profile is shared between two people.

As we do not have many fancy things, the art we share is something we work hard on, whether it looks great to some people or not.

Different styles of art is the beauty of it all.

Professionalism, though key to all artists can sometimes take the personality and true beauty away. Where there is effort, there is accomplishment.

Note: Questions or fan art or both about Ice and Violence can be sent to We will ALWAYS give credit to whoever may draw our characters through fan art and display them in the 'extras' section of the comic.

Please bare the clash of black and white and color, as we enjoy the style of both techniques and decided to change it up frequently.

Oh and our other comics are just for a good laugh at what happens in our lives.

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    LC and Kay-D
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Haha "not again"
So...this happened the other day. Our first and only beach day this year. Gotta stay positive.
This is our Pit, named Ruby, also known as "Booby-Head", and, she's pretty much afraid of everything.
@QR47: Thank you! There will be more to come soon :)
@KarrrKittten: Thank you!! There will be more to come! Hopefully at least once a day :)
Everyone needs their wifey when they are sick <3
So, a few days ago I was driving to Wal-Mart when...
Welp, this is what happens when you are absent minded.
Hey guys and gals!

This will be our last "New" page for now. Now we begin the great quest to revamp our not so up to date beginning pages. Which will be updated between 5-10 pages at a time.

ALSO!! Keep your eyes open for our new comic we will be putting up called " It's always something". Assuming we get that name lol.
HAH. I like where this is going.
Hahaha I love this page!!
No matter how many times we think we can update more and faster, life has a sweet way with destroying those dreams. Sorry for the major wait, again. Any who, the pause wasn't a complete waste. Old pages are being updated, and there will soon be a separate selection for colored pages, as well as black and white. That way this whole thing doesn't look like a hot mess and will be somewhat more organized. And wow might I add that 121 fans was an awesome thing to see after being absent for so long. Thank you guys, thanks for being patient with us, and providing inspiration. We promise that our updated pages will look so much better. We get better as we go, especially with your support :)
@~@ Been a crazy month guys. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!
@rmo33: Hope your day was great!! :D
Happy Easter everybody!!! <3 Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!
@Almightyra: The shotgun has always been a convenience in standoffs :) you get to blast multiple enemies AND your comrades lol jk
Sorry for the long absence. Some things went down here, not very good things.

In any case, we should be updating at a normal pace again. <3 you all.
@Almightyra: *strokes chin* Mm, yes.
Idk, I kinda like this girl already though :)
Last page of our upload frenzy...we shall now return to our somewhat crazy normal uploading. lol. Stick around! <3