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nasty Koala
@The Orange Cow: That's the most fashion-forward angel among them all--Raphael will never leave without his hat:D
@zinnzinnluv: :D your empathy is truly amazing...never thought of taking the perspective of a plastic head:D
@The Orange Cow: To eat cat's puke off the floor? XD
@The Orange Cow: They have this weird thing on the neck...I guess for stabilization$_35.JPG?set_id=2
@woolysox123: XD doomed by his can-do attitude
@Gnildryw: Thank you so much :D I'm really happy you like it!
@Gnildryw: Thank you for letting me know! Indeed, it's a mistake--I accidentally duplicated one page.
@prohibited9tales: :D pioneczka!
@Hokova: wait...
@woolysox123: only because it's a fantasy comics and he has loads of daughters hanging around the lake half naked:D
@prohibited9tales: Yes...and too lazy to edit background onomatopoeias "--__--
@The Orange Cow: "responsibility" is not in his vocabulary:)
@The Orange Cow: on crack:D
My bad for scribbling it like that, but that's Dr Hito:D
@The Orange Cow: I'm sure he'd make many friends this way :D