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nasty Koala
@The Orange Cow: on crack:D
My bad for scribbling it like that, but that's Dr Hito:D
@The Orange Cow: I'm sure he'd make many friends this way :D
@The Orange Cow: Love your waifu associations XD
@The Orange Cow: This is a perfectly Bavarian thing to ask!:D
@The Orange Cow: these people are just a weird bunch;) Villagers would disapprove.
@The Orange Cow: I kind of see your point. It's pretty solipsistic.
@The Orange Cow: Ahahahaha!XD
@The Orange Cow: Some people don't see anything weird in celibate men teaching you what proper relationships are:D
@Hokova: Thank you so much for those wonderful words! I hope you'll stay with Wolpertinger... till the end:D
@ThatRandomGal: alas, you'll hear a lot about it from now on:D it's kind of a main theme:D but you can empathize with Silas now:)
@The Orange Cow: yes, angels bring trouble...
@Kisarafox: and you can be sure he'll stay like that. Simple mind, smooth brain:)
@Ash2004: yas! the pose that automatically summons all the rose petals:D
@Kisarafox: A moped it was! You must be the opposite of a stuntman to do that XD
September 28th, 2013
Your style is so dynamic and perfect...can't take my eyes off your comics!!!