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Goddamnit fucking love water.

(And I'll love you if you know where that's from.)
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I love your art that would be amazing 👌👌
I'm so happy you're updating sm again 🐻
December 9th, 2015
I hope this comes back its so cute ;;
Ah I'm glad its back!
November 25th, 2015
Ahhh I really wanna see more of Vince and ever now ;^;
I hadn't noticed it'd bee so long since this updated last ;; I hope its still going aaaa
This is so cute omg
HEY SO I DIDN'T ACTUALLY REDRAW ANYTHING IF YOU DIDN'T NOTICE. I'm sorry I'm a lazy bum and stuff came up. I sold art to a salon and dealt with finals and I'm currently working on my Eren Jager cosplay, and I got pulled into Tumblr so that's basically all I do anymore. ouo Sorry about everything. But I have two more pages sketched and partially inked so I'll either work on those tonight or my cosplay. The time really gets away from you when you're the one making the comic. ;u; Sorry. ShutupCyrus.
June 25th, 2014
Hi again, please don't hate me. ouo
I'll work on pages tonight again, and I've been planning on redrawing what I have already bc ew.

And I'm somewhat redesigning characters. Marquez will have differet hair nd other stuff will change, too.

And I changed the title to Thread after the song by Now,Now bc that's my work music for this comic. ;u; It's so beautiful <3 ugu.
I hope you're still planning on doing this comic. ;v;
February 14th, 2014
Not that I mind them, but will be ever take off the sun glasses? o:

Or does he even shower with them on? *o*
I started drawing this for you guys for V-day, But I doubt I'll ever finish it... One reason being, drawing is hard. Which brings me to my next point. Drawing like this is hard. I don't know why I thought I could draw like Shungiku Nakamura. I can't. ;o;

So I'm putting this comic on a back burner. I have many other stories already planned and written out, anyway, ones that I may actually publish some day... So this one probably won't update a lot... Sorry. D:
February 2nd, 2014
Sorry if it looks like so bad. My scanner sucks and it took like 5 times for my scanner to scan the entire picture. It just wanted the bottom few panels. D: Dafuk.
I'll need to buy one for my own computer soon... What should I look for in one? TIPS ARE WELCOME TY. c:
If I ever actually make FT into a book, this photo will be the cover. ;u; I think it turned out very nicely.
January 31st, 2014
Sorry it's been so long. ;-; I've been working on this for the past hour, but I'm going to finish the next page right now. Geh. ;x;
January 20th, 2014
Sorry it's a month late... I didn't even end up finishing the gift... :I I just didn't wanna do a thing...
And sorry if the detail sucks from shrinking the file so much...

The class room took the most time. (/n\) hiding...
I'm so glad this is back. owo i love how you draw so much.
Talk to the crusher alone. o;
Uwah, I'm so excited for the next page. >o<

Unless you can change the rating later on, it may be best to rate it M just in case. o; And I'm good with any relationships, personally.
I couldn't do any pages before now, because I didn't have the full version of PTS, so I couldn't save, and my computer shuts down by itself... ._. so I just bought PTS and I got Photoshop, but I hate it... I may use that for screentones, though, I have a lot of good ones that only Photoshop can run.

I'm so glad I'm back~! I'll probably have this page done sometime after either the 22nd, or the 25th. I have presents to do still... o;

Glad to be back~!