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I like reading stuff, playing instruments, and going to shows. I go to school and stuff.
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    Manny Vazquez
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So I'm not exactly what it is about this particular strip but I really like it. Like, a lot! I'm not totally sure but I think you both have improved and it's really starting to show, this is rad, and I'm excited for tomorrows update :D
November 26th, 2013
Arg (?)
I really like these!
I don't comment on webcomics very often, even on my favorites, but really I just have to say I really like the art and I just like the general vibe (theme) [idea of being kinda lost and floaty]. ANYWAY, awesome possum stuff and keep it up, pls and ty.
Fuck Yesss Pt.2
Like the tits, like the briefs, love the update. More pls and ty.