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That hover text tho XD
Oh my! *fans self*
Ah, love the skull in the coffee cup! It looks so cool :D
February 12th, 2019
I'm really friggin pleased that he didn't try to lie...
February 12th, 2019
Uuh, happy to see you back again (even if temporarily) - I'd almost forgotten about this gem and how absolutly dorky these two are XD
Oh gosh, they're adorable!
February 2nd, 2019
Oh no, he's gonna smell the others on the bedsheet! D:
Wait, they originally brought him along to *sell* him?!?!?!

(Or do they mean the brought him along while they were selling drugs... I hope so... But I'm creeped out...)
January 14th, 2019
Thanks for the hint about the extras - they're lovely images (plus made me go and read the old one again - ah, I can't wait to see where this new version is going, it can only be epic) <3
Oh, this is beautiful.
December 18th, 2018
Haha XD
December 9th, 2018
I'm thinking he just desperately needs a distraction...
December 6th, 2018
Crush, you're an idiot...
December 3rd, 2018
Dawww :3
November 25th, 2018
November 20th, 2018
I love you (... I realise that's a bit of a weird thing to say to a stranger on the internet, but still... I just really appreciate your sense of humour).
@HuggyBear1997: Honestly, I'm kinda mad at this comment - of course the artist can't just magically create more pages, this shit takes time and I'm pretty sure they have a full time job or study to take care of too. Also, if they were able to make more pages, they would probably only be available to people on their patreon - you know, paying customers.
Please don't request more from the artist - even though you probably meant it as a compliment, it just comes across as really disrespectful and demanding. After all, you're getting really great content for free, a little patience is a cheap "price" to pay.

Edit: It is possible to read a bit ahead on their patreon, so if you're willing to support the artist, you can head on over here: