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@MARINA JUSTYAOI: Gosh, I hate to be such a busybody, but I disagree with you.
Take my parents f.x., they've been together now almost 30 years and I couldn't imagine them ever splitting up, they just fit really well together - but I also know (from stories you overhear and such) that they have enjoyed normal, frivolous sexual escapades when they were younger - and certainly without any deeper emotional connection to their partners (not always at least). In other words, they're sure as hell not demisexuals...
Demisexuality, as I understand it, is no guarantee for true love, and I think it's a bit of a mistake to over-romantice it. After all, unless you've been lucky and found someone you could connect with, it pretty much fucking sucks.
So I don't think demisexuality is some kind of secret norm (that people just aren't aware of). I mean, it's defined by a lack of sexual attraction, and in my experience being sexually attracted to other people (regardless of whether or not you act on it) seems to be the norm - something that people experience in varying frequency, but something that certainly happens (without any deep emotional connection to begin with).
@Varvaraky: Oh, don't worry - you didn't sound disrespectful at all! (I was actually considering complementing you on adding to the conversation in a polite and open manner (*cough* unlike some people here *cough*), but decided against it since my comment was already so long...)
As for myself, I'm not entirely sure if I fit into the demisexual category either - but I tend to identify as such because I hope I am (and just haven't found anyone I could be close enough with yet).
@Varvaraky: Part of needing to put a label on it (whatever "it" may be) is so that we're able to discuss it - in this case, demisexuality would be a lot harder to discuss without its label (we probably wouldn't even discuss it, because the odds are it wouldn't have been brought up, not in the same way at least).
Also, being able to say "I'm demisexual" (or asexual f.x.) lends a weight to it, that makes it a little bit easier for others to take it serious (asking what the heck it is at least). After all, how else would we describe our sexuality? Going with "oh, I'm straight (or gay), but not really, because I don't feel sexual attraction, not unless I really feel emotionally connected to a person" is first of all longwinded and secondly will make most people go "oh, but that's the same for me" (because people tend to focus on what they recognice and ignore the rest) and then the conversation kinda ends there (unless you feel like making a long discussion out of it). Calling it something is a way to differentiate it from what's "normal" - because the very point of demisexuality is that it's not within the realm of normal (if it was, there would have been no need for a label).
Also, another great thing about having a label for something that puts you outside the norm, is that you can easily recognice people like you (like what's happened on this page) - it's nice to know you're not alone.
@TomoDatDorkHiro: Could we please keep the conversation polite?
I'm asking because I feel it's gotten a bit out of hand - and some of that lies in the words you choose to use. F.x. "find another oddball" is really disrespectful, and so is linking being of a different opinion than you to being in a cult.
The facts are that a lot of people identify as demisexuals (especially among this audience). Can't you just be happy for their joy of finding acceptance, even if you disagree with the terminology?
@nikiforov: I second that <3
May 24th, 2017
Ah, so good to see this updated again <3
Wait, NOW they're playing video games? Dumb boys XD
May 20th, 2017
Argh, he's such a prissy bitch! D:
Also, he's gonna start this lesson by falling over the fence, isn't he?
Oh, my friggin gods... he's too nice!
(and also reminds me of my big sister's boyfriend way back when - whom I had a crazy crush on although he didn't have a clue, so I just kept reading into things - it was awkward XD)
Oh, my lords... so cute!
Yes! Save your bae :D
Oh, that was hillarious XD
@Travelingpooch: Your avatar is so friggin perfect!
May 11th, 2017
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