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I'm an over-educated illustrator looking for work and dreaming of tea farming.
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    Kelsea Jewell
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September 14th, 2017
Scut's Hair
@zera304: I definitely need to create another character with Scut's hair!

I'm also a microbiologist, although my research has been in quite a few different areas. These days I'm a professor working on tenure, which is a BIG part of why two years ago I stopped dead with my comics. I'll try to get some new stuff up on Deviant Art ... but classes start next week.
September 12th, 2017
Thank you!
@zera304: Thank you! I am hoping to get drawing/writing again more with my next project "Onward", but in the mean time I've been doing commercial work, gig work, and "real job" work. I miss doing my own stuff.
September 25th, 2015
@The Orange Cow: Thank you, Orange Cow!
In a vaguely related note, I used to do dairy research, although my cows were all Holsteins and not nearly as colorful as orange.
I have a new comic, over at Drunk Duck, called "Onward" if you ever decide to read anything else that I am working on :-)

I stopped doing Gnoph after ten years, so this is the last page of it.
A page! YAY!
And Joan is wondering: wine, or blood with clotting factors removed?
I can see why Drake doesn't go topless very often - those tattoos would drive an artist crazy, panel after panel!
Oh, the ultimate artistic challenge and pain - a library! Good thing it has heavy shadows :-) And who ever said Bahamut had to be a dragon or a turtle, anyway ;-)

Oh, I think you're right - but it's still a lovely little Beta fish to me :-)
I can't help but see the blue flame around Drake as a cute Beta fish :-) That's it, Joan! Make him an adorable fishy friend!
I'm glad you've been able to fight the funk. I had to apply to PhD programs in two rounds, too, and I'm glad that I didn't get in the first time as I later learned that the department was falling about and full of nasty warfare. If you want to still do a PhD, you CAN! The major ingredient is stubbornness! If you want, you can ask me anything about grad school or applications that you want. I graduated this fall and was hired this week as a professor, so I've been through that particular wringer, at least in the sciences :-)

And I'm glad Archie is good at recognizing and playing with his ominous appearance and phrasing.
Archie definitely deserved a slap for zipping up a woman's shirt - and it also made me think that they are very, very good friends for him to try a stunt like that. Poor Joan was probably looking for the restroom, and is now in the unenviable situation of trying to talk to a vampire about running water.
Oooh, frisket! And breakfast of cheeses. And an advent calendar-styled house. And water in your hands? And that lovely red flower!
I'm glad that you are still drawing, and understand how slow "fun" things can be to get done.
That is a beautifully rendered bed and door! Mucho congrats!

I like the idea of bad home construction by vampires. I bet they have a terrible sense of color, too, what with it always being dark when they're out.
Oh, the joy of having entire wings in which to separate your guests! Good thing Joan is good at telling herself stories and waiting ... too bad she's so good at telling those stories, though :-)
Fishing, at night, through eel-infested waters ... Good Princess Bride reference :-)
That top panel really accentuates just how tall Teddy is compared to everyone else. I'm glad that your characters aren't all the same height!
Of course Mina likes Theodore - just look at those cheekbones! And such natty threads! And if Drake really is doing the attention-moving on purpose, then he's being much sneakier than I am used to think of him as being.
It can be really hard to get back into updates once life takes over - I understand! I'm really glad to hear that you aren't done with TOE, though, so I can still learn how the story goes some day. And, pretty flower!
Careful with the handwriting - it can be really annoying. On the plus side even if you just pencil in the text you'll get a good idea of where to leave space in your art for the bubbles later. I did that for a long time with Gnoph before switching over entirely to hand lettering. And I think Mina (nice Bram reference, btw) will probably start to see the threat as a sword that can be used for her own ends.
Hm, I found the speech bubbles pretty confusing on this page. Perhaps rearranging them, or longer leads on the bubbles?

I have the feeling that this sudden switch to "nice lady" doesn't mean that Drake is out of trouble.