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I love to draw and write stories. I don't really plan on writing any comics; I only created this account to add comics to my favorites. My favorite books are Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles, and my favorite anime are Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, and Black Butler. My main fandoms are Supernatural, Doctor Who, Fairy Tail, and Harry Potter.

I don't claim credit to my profile picture, and it belongs to it's rightful owner. I simply found the picture on google images.
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I'm concerned, too, but, first and foremost...

Fara's hair reminds me of Ruby Rose.

That is all.
Maria, absolutely, and… Oh, I have no idea. Literally none. XD I mainly want to vote for Maria because she seems like the kind of person who would hate that kind of thing…

I honestly don't care who becomes Prom King.
I'm slightly more sure of my sanity
@Raindrop: I thought it was just me who saw the resemblance! Yay!!! (No, but seriously. He does look like Hobo.)
I couldn't help but read the last sentence in Miracle Max's voice. XD
Indiana Jones didn't even cross my mind. XD The first thing I thought of was Emporer's New Groove.
October 4th, 2015
So... If someone were to approach Rain, I'm guessing that if it weren't one of her friends, it would either be Ana or a random classmate we haven't met yet.

Also, love Brother Arthur's face in the last panel. XD If looks could kill...
It's even more of an honor and privilege to read such an amazing webcomic! Rain is one of the most amazing webcomics I have ever read, and I'm sure that almost all of the other readers agree with me. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!

And your handwriting is better than a lot of people that I know. XD
Now would be a good time for MH to tell them that he saw Assistant fly away with Petunia. No? Okay. Sure.
This is the 4th or 5th time I've read through the entire comic, and it just keeps getting better every single time. Awesome work!
Happy belated birthday!