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I'm an international child of love and unicorns!!
September 14th, 2017
When instead of wandering around looking for the sage they could have just asked this tiny lady!
September 8th, 2017
Woa, Sasune got the girls all around him! All we need is Snow and his harem is complete. Wait..
Okay, I lied, I got a page. See, I am currently working on a project and stuff is happening in my personal life too, so I know this series will be compromised. So instead of delaying the pages, I will just...spend less time working on the details. So the quality will be dropping based on your taste, meaning it will be more sketch-like, but the story will not be put on halt. Hopefully that's okay with you all.

And back to the page itself: *whisper* 'Hail Hydra'
And this is how Sasune and Kumudini created their 'Swish swish bish' diss track

Next week is probably gonna be quiet, with maybe some doodles instead. Sorry peeps
Let's get back to it!
What did he expect? A cinema? Mall? Club? Spoiled brats.
It's crazy how Garland's deadly look is intense enough for someone to scare themselves back to life.
Didn't show much of the fighting, but hopefully you get the gist
Haha, he died.
@jonasfx: Okay, thanks for the feedback! I'll experiment around with the format some more before we make a final decision! :D
Yea, sorry, but I can't take you seriously Snow, especially when you're enjoying the bickering to the point of laughing.

PS: sorry I was a dumbass and didn't realize I drew in low resolution until I was done. So it's slightly smaller image. Heh.
Don't you know he's a guest character? Snow will be replaced with the Red mage and will take all the good equipment with him!
Changed the format to make it look more comic-ish. what's your opinion?

oh yea, and Snow's going through a phase. whatever.
wow Lu, wow
June 22nd, 2017
@kingdomguy15: Yeah, Snow's such a modder, can't even play the game legitimately!
June 22nd, 2017
@DracheLehre: Totally my intention! XD
I did a double-take too, but it was too funny to remove!
June 22nd, 2017
And at that moment Lu realized he could milk the system and created his own revival franchise!
Snow is starting to know them well. He better get out of there before he *gasp* cares for them!
No Snow, being dead is not a valid excuse anymore.
@kingdomguy15: Ye, I agree.
I realized too late that Aradi was saying "Ye", but it was too funny that I didn't want to fix it! XD