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I'm an international child of love and unicorns!!
To commemorate the arc focusing on the earth crystal, I present you- the bearer of the water crystal!
Another chapter done! Wanted to add a bit more of a post-apocalyptic tone, cuz... the setting of the game sounds like one.
Yes, that's right, I'm going with the murky brown colour scheme everyone o-so fondly remembers from the videogames from the 2000s!
Ey, these NPCs are wandering too far off their designated zones!
Damn news travels fast. Gotta know which internet provider she uses! this color? Even though I'm still rather busy, I am tired of seeing all B&W (no bias for the elf whatsoever :P)
Haha! I love fast travel! :D
You smell that? It stinks like admiration.
Dude, stop thinking that you're actual heroes wth
@kingdomguy15: Yup, killing always resolves the problem!
@RazorD9: Oh, imagine if Snow literally casted Cure on dirt! XD
Wth stop using logic.
Thank you.
Ah yes, that's how large a scale the bomb was- so large that it spanned decades of a game franchise and allowed one fella to sink low enough to do a crack joke using google images.
Cue FF7 bomb countdown
April 26th, 2018
April 19th, 2018
If this game was remade, this would be a minigame.
April 12th, 2018
and of course it is time to make a cool dwarf!
Lu, don't be so surprised. Prince Rasone does some next level game of thrones shit.
It wouldn't upload yesterday, now I realize it's because the file was too large! woopsie!